PopImpressKA Journal and PopImpressKA Brand at the The Marquee Networking Group Holiday Event.

PopImpressKA Journal and PopImpressKA Brand at the The Marquee Networking Group Holiday Event.

On December 9th at La Nacional, 239 W 14th St, NY. The event was organized by a Marquee Networking Group: Armand Álvarez, AnaTracey Hawkins.

An incredible MC Stacee Mandeville was presenting all sponsors and performing artists.

Professionals from all over the world had an opportunity to network and socialize with other professionals during an evening full of surprises.

The Marquee Networking Holiday Event had many amazing guests and performances.
A pop singer from LA Jada Machado, a country singer Franklin Cisco Burns, sponsor, the Author / Executive Film Producer Karynne Summars, sponsor MetLife Ksenia Mergourieva

In addition, everybody had an opportunity to participate in a Holiday Raffle! Several valuable prizes, Including PopImpressKA Brand marilyn T-Shirt signed by an artist Olga Papkovitch and book by our contributing writer Karynne Summars "Desperate Pursuit In Venice" were given away by sponsors, all proceeds were donated to the Spanish Benevolent Society for their support in helping young entrepreneurs and artists.  

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO PopImpressKA Journal team 
Alla Papkovich - Executive Assistant
Karynne Summars - Writer 
Lydia Kotevski - Consultant
Jared Chayut - Photography/Videography
Maxim Mamurov - Photography
David Karges - DeepKut Entertainment (also DeepKut spelled exactly like this)
Joshua N Brito - Web Design and Development
Franklin Cisco Burns - Country Singer
Stalin Cruz - CEO & Founder at Clash Of The Industries

Gloria El-achkar Milla - Model
Theresa Moriarty - Model
Cristiano Moura - Model

Marquee Networking Group Holiday Event Sponsors and Entertainment


Cusqueña, pronounced CUS-KEN-YA, is a Premium lager Beer highly recommended by today’s top USA bartenders and chefs. Is made using all natural ingredients including 100% malted. The Inca’s pursuit for perfect craftsmanship is reflected today with their descendants crafting one of the finest lagers in the world.The result is an intensely crisp and full, exquisite, well-balanced flavor due to the combination of caramel barley’s slight sweetness and the Saaz hops’ citrusy. Therefore, Cusqueña pairs perfectly well with deep spicy flavors dishes and seafood specialties. In recognition of its quality, Cusqueña has been awarded more than 50 times in Belgium, USA, Australia and UK. Now stocked to enjoy in some of the best venues in New York, Miami, New Jersey and California, 

Cusqueña raffled:

1) A photography book"Machu Picchu, Song of Stone", a  finely detailed coffee table book conceived as homage to the 100 year anniversary of the scientific discovery of Machu Picchu. It's a real collector's piece.

2) Cusqueña Thermal Jacket, a beautiful design perfect for hiking the magical ladders of Machu Picchu. 
3) Cusqueña Quinua, Special Edition. It has a content of 750 ml and it’s made with products of the best quality: pearl quinoa, selected malted barley, corn, hints of orange and peach, hops and natural pure water, giving it a unique aroma and flavor.  The packaging and the bottle have been carefully designed. This way, Cusqueña Quinua Beer comes in a box with golden details, while in the bottle it highlights the carved image of Machu Picchu, an important icon of its home town, Cusco.
4) Collection of 4 beer glasses with a carve image of Machu Picchu. It comes in a black Cusqueña box and includes a puzzle evoking the image of the large blocks of polished stones, a representation of the Inca's detail oriented culture. 
contact Fabrizio Custode +1 908 406 0304fabrizio@marketto.net


The ProAm Dance Team NYC, It all began with an extremely successful performance at the Half-Time Show at NY Liberty Basketball Game at Madison Square Garden on July 6th 2014 that impressed a nation-wide audience on TV as well as live. Altogether 30 ProAm dancers rocked the World's Most Famous Arena and have inspired the establishment of ProAm Dance Team NYC. Having performed a Medley of Samba-ChaCha-Hustle-Salsa in 2014, our ambitions go way far beyond that. We are talking about performances at most famous places, arenas, and ballrooms.  We believe in three core fundamentals: Professionalism, Dedication, and Joy to Dance. We are proud to say we are the first ProAm Team that features students and instructors simultaneously and we believe in developing this area of expertise. Join us on a ride you'll never forget.

The ProAm Dance Team NYC raffled:

1.) One SemiPrivate lesson ($40 value with any of our teams - Salsa, Latin)

  1. ) "One Team" Monthly Fee - get 8hrs training with one of the teams - Hustle, Salsa or Latin ($120 value)
  2. 3.)  "Two Teams" Monthly Fee - get 16hrs training with any two of our teams - any combo of Salsa, Latin & Hustle. $300 value)
  3. contact Olga Nesterova www.proamdanceteamnyc.com
Meet Stacee Mandeville, Founder of Red Leaf Coaching. In her over fourteen years of experience, Stacee has delivered communication skills coaching to executives on many continents. She specializes in body language control and "executive presence" while presenting or pitching under pressure. She has had the pleasure of working with individuals in myriad industries, including Fortune 500 Companies (Merck, HP, General Electric), finance (JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup), law (Fish & Richardson P.C., Kirkland Ellis, DLA Piper), fashion (Fabio Scalia, Levi's, LDJ), and small to mid-sized businesses (Ballantree Consulting, TAE, Affinia Hotels). Stacee regularly mentors at pitch events for Lean Startup: Newark and ProtoHack. She has used her accumulated experiences with clients from all over the world, combined with her theater background, to create the Red Leaf pedagogy.
Stacee Mandeville raffled:
A half day coaching session, covering both content and body language. Value: $800.
contact Stacee Mandeville www.redleafcoaching.com
Olga Papkovitch is the CEO & Founder of PopImpressKA Journal and PopImpressKA Brand. PopImpressKA is a new form of 21st century art. Based in New York City, Papkovitch is recognized as a rising Russian-American artist and designer focused on the art of Impressionism. She has been exhibited nationally and internationally with her work being featured in many private and public collections. Her painting  “A Girl In Red” was a finalist in the 2014 NTD Television International Figure Painting Competition. She is a humanitarian involved in various charities. 
PopImpressKA Brand by Olga Papkovith raffled: 
A Marilyn Monroe T-shirt, artesanal crafted from the original painting. Value $1200.
contact Olga Papkovitvh www.popimpresskajournal.org
Susan Farley is one the most important photographers - artists in New York City. She specializing in creating portraits and slice of life images in a unique and authentic way for her clients needs.Her focus is on being a visual storyteller creating in the moment photojournalistic style photographs for publications, corporate and advertising clients. Susan has worked as a staff photographer for Newsday in NYC,as a staff photographer/editor for Agence France Presse in Washington D.C., as well as a NYC-based temporary staff photographer for The New York Times.
Susan Farley raffled:
One hour headshot portrait shoot for your business or personal uses:
The portrait client May choose between an indoor shoot at your office or home or a NYC outdoor location (Central park or other). The subject will receive an online image folder of a selection of the best 15-25 images to choose from. The client may keep and use all the Hi Resolution shots provided plus pick a favorite for light retouching. A phone consultation concerning clothing and style choices is included.
The Value of one hour photo shoot with hi-resolution images is $750.00
The photography shoot certificate is good for up to nine months (until September 30, 2015)
contact Susan Farley Photography/ www.susanfarley.com
Elisa Gaudet has spent the past several years working in the golf industry in the U.S. and Latin America. She worked for the PGA Tour and the Tour de las Americas, including executing the EMC World Cup in 2002, prior to founding Executive Golf International.  EGI a strategic golf marketing firm that works with clients to develop and implement golf-related programs. Prior to golf, Elisa worked in the entertainment industry for over ten years as a model and SAG and AFTRA actress. She has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs and has been a guest speaker on a variety of golf topics. She has written several golf-related articles and her syndicated “On the Lip” column has been running since 2003. In 2011 she launched the Two Good Rounds, a golf lifestyle brand with the first endeavor being the book  Two Good Rounds – 19th Hole Stories from the World’s Greatest Golfers based on interviews with 36 of the top golfers in the world discussing their 19th hole favorites.
Elisa Gaudet raffled 3 of her books:
1.) Two Good Rounds TITANS- Leaders in Industry & Golf.
2.) Two Good Rounds SUPERSTARS- Golf Stories from the World's Greatest Athletes.
3.) Two Good Rounds- 19th Hole Stories from the World's Greatest Golfers.
Armand Álvarez
Interior Architect



Wardrobe on performers by PopImpressKA Brand, Videography: Jared Chayut,

Photography: Maxim Mamurov, Editing: Karynne Summars





























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