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PopImpressKA Journal: Revitta – Manhattan's Exclusive Dental and Aesthetics Center

PopImpressKA Journal: Revitta – Manhattan's Exclusive Dental and Aesthetics Center

Given that press is often more valuable than money, owning PopImpressKA Journal allows for unparalleled access. The best restaurants want to feed me, the best stylists want to do my hair, top designers want to give me their clothes. However, my favorite perk is simply that every spa, salon, med-spa, etc.... entice me with their most indulgent, luxurious treatments. They all want a review in my lifestyle magazine. Recently, people started talking about this new, ultra-exclusive aesthetic center called Revitta. Always needing to be, “in the know,”  I had to find out what was so special about Revitta. 

Revitta's aesthetic facility is located at 903 Park Avenue NYC

Revitta calls the entire corner of iconic Park Avenue and 79th street in NYC home. Talk about location, location, location.  Naturally, the 5th and Park Ave über-rich & socialites, love Revitta's all too convenient address. Right in their backyard, they now have a 3,000 square ft. oasis of light and glass that features the most modern, high-tech cosmetic and dental equipment available. Exquisite decor, spa-like welcoming atmosphere, and an exceptional staff combine to give you a first-class experience.


Above: Irene Davie - Owner

Revitta is a professional doctors' practice that redefines the fields of facial aesthetics and dentistry, utilizing a simple philosophy: "Beautiful Face. Beautiful Smile." An experienced team of  physicians, dentists, and aesthetic specialists is committed to helping you look your best with the most cutting edge facial aesthetic treatments and general and cosmetic dental services.

Above: Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist At Revitta


Revitta prides itself on being one of a few medical facilities that offer procedures to fit almost everyone’s aesthetic needs, conveniently under one roof.  Whether you want thick beautiful hair, pearly white teeth, flawless skin, or all three, Revitta is the answer. Revitta's menu offers so many laser facials you would think they invented the laser; Skintyte, BBL Photofacial, Micro-laser Peel, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Pro-fractional Laser Treatment, to name a few.

Above: Indira Cesarine Toasting Revitta -  Founder of The Untitled Magazine, The Untitled Space Gallery, Art4Equality, NY Socialite, Artist, & Photographer.

 Above: TV Host Marci Hopkins filming her hit show

" Wake Up With Marci' at Revitta"

Above: Supermodel Viki Foti (known for her flawless skin) one of the many celebrity and model clients of Revitta.

Above: Beyond LED Teeth Whitening at Revitta

If a master of Dermal Fillers is what you need, Revitta can give you gorgeous cheekbones, re-shape your jawline, plump your lips and even lift the tip of your nose or smooth out the bumps. Yes, Revitta can effectively give you a nose job, with fillers alone. For "Skin Rehabilitation," as they call it, they offer Dermapen, BioRevitalization, Mesotherapy, PRP Facial (AKA “The Vampire Facial” )  & the ever-popular- Hydrafacial. As if that was not enough, they also do PDO Thread Lift and even offer complete Hair Restoration. In addition to general dentistry, their Dental experts offer cosmetic and restorative services like Dental Bridges, Invisalign®, Dental Implants, Veneers, Crowns, Teeth Whitening, etc...

Revitta is the only one-stop-shop for all things beauty in NYC. Owner Irene Davie captures the essence of Revitta best. "It doesn't matter how great your face looks if you have unsightly teeth, nor does having a beautiful smile matter if your skin looks haggard and old." That is why Revitta is NYC's go-to hot spot for all aesthetic procedures.

No one in the office was told who I was or that they were being reviewed.  When I walked in, I was surprised how warm and welcoming, not only the staff was, but the environment, as well. The most beautiful ornate floral arrangements, lush plants, and scented candles only added to my sense of peace and tranquility. Soft music shielded me from the sounds of the city, something we NYers,  can certainly live without.

After a long complimentary, consultation with one of the doctors, I felt very confident in our agreed-upon treatment plan. To be honest, Revitta has medical estheticians that specialize in so many incredible treatments that I wanted to have every procedure done. But, they know best. To start, we decided HydraFacial was the way to go. Society women, top models, movie stars and even men love the HydraFacial. On a side note, Revitta is rumored to have the best Hydrafacial in the city.

Above: Revitta offers the most cutting edge laser treatments

The HydraFacial procedure uses a professional Hydra-Dermabrasion device that carries out a three-part regiment consisting of cleansing, exfoliating, and infusing skin with intensive serums. During my HydraFacial with the incredibly talented medical aesthetician Regina Aybinder, I felt my skin tightening, a slight tickling sensation, but no pain. I felt like all my old skin had been removed. My skin felt alive, healthy, and clean. I was glowing. I would definitely recommend everyone experience a Revitta HydraFacial, at least once in their life.


Above: Supermodel Nancy Donahue ( over 20 vogue covers )

Above from left: Baroness Olga Papkovitch - publisher of PopImpressKA Journal with Supermodel Nancy Donahue ( over 20 vogue covers )

The rumor is true! I have had HydraFacials all over this city and even the country. So far, Revitta's HydraFacial is the best. I can't remember my skin feeling this firm or being this soft. Now that I have skin that would make Nicole Kidman jealous, we began my second procedure, the PRP Facial, also known as the dreaded, "Vampire Facial."

PRP Facial is the new use of a time-tested medical procedure for revolutionary aesthetic purposes. It uses our own blood to help promote our skin cells' healing and regenerative properties.  Our blood is comprised of blood cells and its liquid part-plasma. By removing red and white blood cells and concentrating the platelets, Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is isolated. During the procedure, it felt like hundreds of mosquito bites on my face, like a thin rubber band being snapped on my skin.  I didn't feel any need to stop, however. This is the time when my own PRP was being injected into my skin,  just beneath the surface. Regina made me feel very comfortable and at ease during this procedure. She continually asked if I was OK or if I needed anything.


I had an amazing experience at Revitta. It was first class all the way. The place is spotless, they follow all COVID precautions, the receptionists are helpful and genuinely friendly. Revitta's goal is to "Redefine the art of Aesthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry." From my experience at Revitta, I believe they do. 

Above: Beautiful Interior of Revitta

See the full menu of incredible treatments available at Revitta:

Call now for a complimentary consultation: 212-535-1201

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