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PopImpressKA Journal News: The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York and The Russian American Cultural Heritage Center celebrating the 55th Anniversary of the First manned to Space by Yuri Gagarin

PopImpressKA Journal Event News: The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York and The Russian American Cultural Heritage Center - Celebrating Russian American History Month in New York State Commemorating the 55th Anniversary of the First manned to Space by Yuri Gagarin:


Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was born 9 March 1934 and died at just 34 years old, 27 March 1968.

Yuri was a Russian Soviet pilot and The Very First cosmonaut.

He was indeed the first human to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed successfully an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961. Being a farm boy Yuri has an amazing appreciation for beauty of our Planet earth and when he first saw our globe from outer space he described it as a Field of Hay.


Gagarin was a very positive and kind human being, his smile was very sincere and he himself inspired so many people to reach amazing goals in life.

Gagarin became an international celebrity, and was awarded many medals and titles, including Hero of the Soviet Union, the nation's highest honor. Vostok 1 marked his only spaceflight, but he served as backup crew to the Soyuz 1 mission (which ended in a fatal crash). Gagarin later became deputy training director of the Cosmonaut Training Center outside Moscow, which was later named after him. Gagarin died in 1968 when the MiG-15 training jet he was piloting crashed. The Yuri Gagarin Medal is awarded in his honor.

The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York held an incredible event and honored many guests with their incredible achievements in cultural and education progress.

Above from Left: Dr. Serena Deutsch, DOOSJ, Countess Tatiana Bobrinskoy, GDOOSJ, Alla Papkovitch, Olga Papkovitch, DOOSJ/CEO & founder of PopImpressKA representing the Knights of the Orthodox Order of Saint John Russian Grand Priory (OOSJ) joining the event

About Ordre des Chevaliers Hospitaliers de St. Jean de Jerusalem:

The OOSJ is committed to the ancient ministry of our forebearers: caring for pilgrims, ministering to the poor and unfortunate, promoting the love of God, and living a godly life. We can proudly say that our Order admits all who love God and who sincerely promise to promote the dignity of life through our love for our neighbors, wherever and whoever they may be. By their charitable acts and giving the Order helps to promote the dignity of every human being and build up the vision of the city of God for which we all pray and hope and strive. The Order’s original work and ministry continues and remains important and relevant today. Today, more than ever before, we are called to live into and live out the important works of mercy, charity. We are called to live according to the precepts that the original Knights of Saint John believed in and practiced.

"Today, more than ever before, each one of us is called to do and be part of good deeds and worthy works wherever we live and move and have our being. Our good deeds may be small or large; significant or unnoticed; by our involvement in community charitable organizations; through our donations and gifts to charitable works; and through our oblations and gifts to the merciful works of our Order. Many poor and unfortunate people – young and old alike – have been helped by the Order and our members, yet we must not rest on our accomplishments but seek out new opportunities to fulfill our obligations".

The OOSJ is a chivalric order recognized worldwide by the Russian Orthodox Church and is under the Imperial patronage of the Romanov dynasty. The OOSJ is a qualified charitable organization registered with the IRS. The OOSJ is a recognized Non-Governmental Organization at the United Nations. 

COUNTESS NICHOLAS BOBRINSKOY created The Russian Nobility Ball and is on the board as a director of several US organizations. In 1976, when her husband was elected GRAND PRIOR OF THE ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS  HOSPITALLER OF ST JOHN OF JERUSALEM, she contributed her time and knowledge to it’s development worldwide. She remains active organizing charitable programs for the Order. Having become a member of the UN as a DPI/NGO,  COUNTESS NICHOLAS BOBRINSKOY continues to organize cultural and charitable events. She has two children and four grandchildren. At present she is writing another book besides continuing her husband's design business. SHE MARRIED COUNT NICHOLAS BOBRINSKOY, GREAT-GREAT-GRANDSON OF HM EMPRESS CATHERINE THE GREAT OF RUSSIA. SHE IS OFTEN INVITED TO GIVE TALKS AND INTERVIEWS DEALING WITH THE ORDER AS WELL AS HISTORICAL RUSSIA.    

 DrDeutsch is a Clinical Psychologist who is trained and experienced in the treatment of Children, Adolescents and Adults.

Above: Veronika Nevzorova, Consul Cultural Affairs Consulate general of the Russian Federation New York was hosting this memorable event (Veronica is wearing PopImpressKA Shawl

Thank you to Igor Leonidovich Golubovskiy, The Consulate-General of Russia in New York City and Veronika Nevzorova, Consul Cultural Affairs Consulate general of the Russian Federation New York and Anton V. Deviation, Vice-Consul of Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York and all their staff for organizing and hosting this spectacular and memorable event.


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