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PopImpressKA Journal: Manhattan Art & Antiques Center exclusive Tour with Miriam Silverberg. Interview with Logan Gaisford of HEMINGWAY AFRICAN GALLERY

THE NATION’S PREMIER FINE ART & ANTIQUES MALL Giant antique mall with pieces from all over the world, including furniture, jewelry & pain...

PopImpressKA Journal Interview with a French-Italian actor, singer and musician Michel Altieri and his business partner Genevieve Laurent. Exclusive story about their Laurent & Altieri Brand.

EXCLUSIVE Michel Altieri:  Michel Altieri is a true force of nature. A French-Italian actor, singer and musician, he performs in musical theatre, ...

PopImpressKA Journal: 2017 Tony Awards

SLATE PR Shawn Purdy / Alyson Ahrns / Rachael Trager Performances Announced for the 2017 Tony Awards The casts of “Bandstand,” “Come From Aw...

PopImpressKA Fashion Gallery Show

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PopImpressKA Fashion Gallery Show

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Ever since she could remember, Olga was fascinated with Russian and American quilt tradition and, channeling this love, she progressed to create unique quilted art pieces printed on a variety of silks, cotton, stretch fabrics,etc.  Her first clothing and accessory collection debuted in 2008 and, today, Olga uses her paintbrush to dance along a canvas bringing life to her art with every stroke. She is currently CEO and founder of PopImpressKA Journal, a truly unique art and fashion magazine. 

From paint on canvas to designs on the runway, Artist, Designer, Magazine Publisher and Humanitarian, Olga Papkovitch, projects her paintings onto silk fabric, creating unique, beauty-of-nature infused, walking canvases. The PopImpressKA collection is art vogue, deriving from the Russian word ‘Popka’ which translates to parrot, for its pulsating and rich colors. Her designs aspire to bring light, vibrancy and solace to one’s lives.