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PopImpressKA Journal | Events, Charities, Art, Fashion, Movies

PopImpressKA Journal: Presentational Pop-Up Art Exhibition at West Park June 22, 2024

PopImpressKA Journal: Presentational Pop-Up Art Exhibition at West Park June 22, 2024

by Olga Papkovitch

June 25, 2024

Many Talented Artists, Creatives, Influencers, Art Collectors got together to support each other and network for future projects and inspirations on Saturday, June 22, 2024.

Art as a source for each of us to express our vision, our passions and share it with our beautiful world, which in this process becomes a healing experience and inspiration to discover amazing gifts within.

Berik Kulmamirov and Leila Elias, curators and artists in their own right, created a strong platform for many artists to express their vision and ability to share their talents with others.

Art as a DNA code very private and unique in its own way, helps us to see the world and gain experience of beauty, shape, form, color, vibration and at the same time teach us to be different, tap into Ether of the Universal Pool of Our Creator and be Its Devine Messenger in its own right, shape, form, sound, color, texture, form and be a story teller, visionary and performer.

Above: Art by Berik Kulmamirov / Artist, Entrepreneur, Curator

Above: Berik Kulmamirov / Artist, Entrepreneur, Curator

Above: Leila Elias  / Artist, Entrepreneur, Curator

Above: Leila Elias posing with her Painting (left) and

Berik Kulmamirov painting (right)


When working with Artists Berik supports various directins in medium and style, he encourages and inspires artists to become masters at what they do!


When it comes to presenting its vision, true creation reveals its heart and feeling, combines emotions and passion, expression of its own life!!!

Above: Artist and Visionary Farhana Akhter

 Above: Artist Alla Sergiienko, her unique expression of color and form 

When we look at forms, movements and Star dust, immediately we could imagine how a Komet, falling star or an Asteroid could make a flash and explode in many various colorful pieces that show eternal cosmic connection

Above; Artist Natalia Deshko, her unique way to show the eternity and variety of our cosmic creations though her art

Curators Berik Kulmamirov and Leila Elias always put fantastic events and play a major part in NY and our Worlds creative community. Their vision is to develop many new talents and give opportunities to many artists present their talent properly and creatively.

Proper settings are always important for artists, as they deserve to be appreciated for their unique style, ability and courage to share their deep feeling and expressions with other! When we support arts and crafts, fashion andany artistic development, we give a chance to our younger generation to develop their abilities, skills, mental and physical development also depends on art. 

Art can have many positive influences on children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including helping them develop skills, express themselves and improve their behavior. 

Communication: Art can help children with ASD communicate and develop social skills. One study found that art therapy can help children with ASD improve their social communicative behavior.
Emotional regulation: Art can help children with ASD regulate their emotions and cope with stress.
Self-confidence: Art therapy can help children with ASD build self-confidence and self-image.
Behavioral problems: Art therapy can help reduce behavioral problems in children with ASD.
Cognitive development: Art can help children with ASD develop their cognition, imagination, and abstract thinking.
Fine motor skills: Art can help children with ASD improve their fine motor skills
When raising a child, in any economical or family situation, when working with Arts it gives them a chance to get education and develop intelligent skills, communication skill tand direct ability to move ahead in school and other educational institutions and centers.

Above left: Olga Papkovitch

CEO & Founder of PopImpressKA Brand

Images Above: World Known Celebrity Photographer: Rob Klein

 Fashion and Art always goes together!!

Above: Artist Ruth Antrich showing and discussing her Art with Sue Caro / Model Fashionista and Actress

Below: Actress Sue Caro enjoying a painting by Artist Inna Pashina

Art and Fashion always goes together

Below: Artist Inna Pashina (left) with a guest

Above: Artist Inna Pashina with her Art

Above : Artist Jesse Robinson

Very Creative Group of people always creates many inspirations and influences

Above from Left: Curator and Artist Berik Kulmamirov with Fernando Bernierd / writer , Impressario and entrepreneur  together with Leila Elias / Artist and Curator

Many guests and Artists enjoyed meeting each other

Above: Artist Farhana Akhter with Author and Impresario Fernando Bernierd in attendance

When it comes to Art and Fashion one inspires the Other

Below: Olga Papkovitch / Artist and Founder of PopImpressKA with Fernando Bernierd and Guests 

Beautiful pooch was also present at the show

Our precious Earth angels, our animals are always there to inspire our creativity and empathy!!!

Above: “Native Greeting”, Oul on Canvas, painting by Olga Papkovitch presented at the show

Above: Carly, Model and Fashionista enjoying a show

Beautiful smile and mood is the key to any success

Above: Nehedar / Musician and Jewerly designer

Thank you to all the press and all the guests who attended our show!!! It always a privilege to share creative experiences together!

Many Blessings Health and Love to All!!!


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