PopImpressKA Journal: The When In Need Foundation Event

The When In Need Foundation is hosting a giveaway event of elegant prom gowns for NYC seniors who are in need and cannot afford a prom dress.   The event was at the SUNY Queens Educational Opportunity Center in Jamaica, NY. This event was coordinated with help of Senator Sanders.  
About WIN
When in Need Foundation (WIN) is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides grants for students and young professionals to continue their education and career in addition to supporting schools, orphanages and various hostels assisting less fortunate globally.
When in Need Foundation (WIN) is committed to providing grants to assist people from disadvantaged communities in the areas of secular education, higher education and health education as well as supporting the less privileged around the world.
Secular education will allow these individuals the foundation needed to acquire access to institutions of higher education.
The Higher education will help place the recipients in the position to give back to their communities as they fulfill their dreams of becoming professionals in society. We believe “knowledge is power”.
The Mission of Mercy (M.O.M) is a global outreach program of When In Need Foundation, with the purpose and mission of assisting individuals in need with basic amenities, food, supplies, medical, healthcare, and educational resources globally. When In Need Foundation supports schools, orphanages, and hostels that assist those less fortunate around the world with necessary resources by being a blessing.
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