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PopImpressKA Journal | Events, Charities, Art, Fashion, Movies

PopImpressKA Journal Presents Country Singer Franklin Cisco Burns

by Olga Papkovitch

November 17, 2014

PopImpressKA Journal Presents
Country Singer/Songwriter
Franklin Burns
Career Highlights: Franklin’s first professional performance was at The Waldorf Astoria NYC. Born on a farm in small town Garfield Georgia to two amazing parents Frank and Silvernette Burns. Siblings Cassandra Christopher and Vanessa Burns. His parents’ miracle child Franklin was born three months premature not expected to survive blessed by God he survived. Growing up music was and still is his therapy. He always loved country music and was teased for liking country music. The most popular tease was that he wanted to be white confused Franklin wondered because of his race he couldn’t like country music. He continued his love for country music. He remembers being in music class in fourth grade and having to sing. Franklin tried singing music he wasn't familiar with because he didn't want to be teased. He ended up being teased anyway because he sounded so horrible because he wasn’t true to himself and failed at singing music he wasn’t familiar with Franklin was told singing wasn’t for him.
A few years later one day after school Franklin’s oldest sister Cassandra told him to stay after because she wanted him to audition for a talent show her drama class. Franklin was so shy and so scared but could never say no to his sister. Although his family knew he loved music they never really heard him sing. So for Cassandra to ask him to audition meant she saw something in him he didn’t at the time didn’t see in himself. The show accrued on his mother and father's anniversary so for them to hear him sing for the first time was his gift to them. The praise Franklin received for his family and friends lifted his confidence and although he still was teased for liking country music he didn’t stop. Franklin went on with life and kept his dream of being a country singer inside and to himself thinking he would never be accepted as an African American Country Singer.
Franklin is now fortunate to be part of the amazing team Clash Of The Industries and PopImpressKa where he is living his dream. He is so grateful for the opportunity and my support system. Franklin thanks God for his gift, his Family, Friends, Team, and Fans, for the love and support. Franklin says it's the love of family, friends, his team and fans that keeps him going.

What’s new and upcoming for?

Country Singer Franklin Burns


"A Big Thanx: To my Team, Family, Friends and Fans. I love the emails with comments and encouragement keep them coming.

I Will Be Releasing My First Single!

I’m in the studio working hard to get it finished and released. Look out for it; it should be available in the next couple of months. I will keep you updated.


My Album

Working on the album

Past Performances

First Live Performance Debut The Waldorf Astoria NYC, 2012. CO-OP NAACP Freedom Fundraiser NYC, 2012. DSBN (Da Matrix Studios Broadcasting Network) NYC 2012.  Dwight Eubanks of Atlanta's Housewife Stone Mountain Lake Fashion Show ATL, 2012. VAFW Fashion Week VA, 2012. PopImpressKA Journal Launch NYC, 2013. PopLive  Toshi Lounge NYC, 2013. Azy Banks Made in Africa Fashion Show NYC, 2013. PopImpressKA Journal Stop Bullying Campaign NJ, 2013. The Brooklyn Museum Lea Mono Couture Fashion Show NYC, 2013. Rogue Gallery Presents at Pennsylvania Hotel NYC, 2013. Accion Academy A2EZ’s single release School Show NYC, 2013. Nigeria Embassy Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation Washington DC, 2013. The Pennsylvania Hotel Lea Mono Fashion Show NYC, 2013. The Hampton’s World Peace Initiative at Guild Hall Hampton NY, 2013.  United Nations UNDWC & UNAASG’s  African Culture Parade Of Kings, Chiefs & Queen Mothers NYC, 2014. United Nations African Union Africa Day Manhattan Center NYC 2014. Crash Of The Industries 718 Lounge NYC 2014, Crash Of The Industries Monique’s Lounge NYC 2014.

Upcoming Events

Single Release” The Days” When People Laughed, Smiled, and Cared".


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Photography: PopImpressKA
Wardrobe and Style: PopImpressKA Brand

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