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PopImpressKA Journal at The Teddy Smith Rock'n Radio Music/Talk Show honoring Joe Franklin

PopImpressKA Journal at The Teddy Smith Rock'n Radio Music/Talk Show honoring Joe Franklin.

  • Joe Franklin was born in1926 and died in January 2015. Joe was an American radio and television host personality from New York. His show began in 1950 on WJZ-TV, then later on WABC-TV and then moved to WOR-TV, then WWOR-TV. He was called  "The Wizard of Was" and "The King of Nostalgia" because of his variety of interviews and people he interviewed. Joe Franklin's guests were the most incredible and interesting personalities of the time, such as John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Andy Warhol, Madonna, Charlie Chaplin, Jane Mansfield, Salvador Dali, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Elvis Presley. Joe also interviewed five USA Presidents, such as Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. Joe also helped many new artists and was a patron of arts. He interviewed a very unknown back then Barbara Streisand and then it was history. Joe also interviewed a very young artist Olga Papkovitch for a new talk show (unfortunately it was never aired). Olga is now also a fashion designer and a CEO & Founder of PopImpressKA Journal, PopImpressKA Brand (clothing line) and PopImpressKA Art Collection
  • Thank you to Teddy Smith at The Teddy Smith Rock'n Radio Music/Talk Show ( hosting such a memorable radio show honoring legendary Joe Franklin and remembering his life and all the people that he helped. Teddy was able to bring people from all over the country to his radio studio, as well as have many artists and celebrities on the phone listening and participating in a deep conversation about Joe Franklin. One of Teddy's legendary gusts was Brian Gari (singer/songwriter/producer/author) who is a grandson of a late Eddie Cantor. Eddie Cantor was one of the firsts guests at Joe Franklin's show.
  • Eddie Cantor. He was born 1892 and died in 1964. Eddie Cantor was an American performer, dancer, singer, comedian,  songwriter and actor.  He invented the title "The March of Dimes" and was a pioneer for this amazing charity. PopImpressKA Journal also participated in a fundraiser for March of Dimes with PopImpressKA Art Collection. This charity fundraisers are organized by Martin Ball every year.  Also Eddie Cantor made his Broadway debut in the legendary Ziegfeld Follies in 1917. Cantor was one of the era's most successful entertainers. cantor was also a composer. In 1935 Cantor with Murray Mencher and Charles Tobias wrote "Merrily We Roll Along," which he recorded in the 1950s. It was adapted as the themesong for the Merrie Melodies series for animated cartoons that we all are so fond of today. Then the melody was distributed by Warner Brothers. Cantor himself was frequently caricatured in Warner cartoons. All of our past and todays generations know about Bugs bunny, witty bird. What an amazing era and the influences of Eddie Cantor are priceless. Joe Franklin knew and loved Eddie Cantor and his family very well. He kept in touch with them till the end of his life. 
  • Teddy Smith, the host of The Teddy Smith Rock'n Radio Music/Talk Show was heavily influenced and inspired by Joe Franklin, who gave him so much guidance how to proceed in Radio/TV show business industry. 
  • Many of Joe Franklin's guests became to have the most successful careers in show business. What is really important is that Joe Franklin knew how to give a right start to new artists and how to help them grow. Joe Franklin will be loved and remembered by generations to come. We honor him with our love and good memories of how he helped so many people during his lifetime.

Above: During The Teddy Smith Rock'n Radio Music/Talk Show honoring legendary Joe Franklin

Above: Brian Gari grandson of Eddie Cantor (one of the very first interviewers by legendary Joe Franklin)

 Above: Brian Gari grandson of Eddie Cantor (one of the very first interviewers by legendary Joe Franklin) and Brian's wife Jeanne Gari who personally knew Joe Franklin for so many years

Brian Gari is a singer/songwriter/producer/author

Above: Teddy Smith himself, the host / During The Teddy Smith Rock'n Radio Music/Talk Show honoring legendary Joe Franklin

Above: Walter Behr with Behr Entertainment LTD remembering Joe Franklin, during The Teddy Smith Rock'n Radio Music/Talk Show honoring legendary Joe Franklin 

Above: Olga Papkovitch/CEO & Founder of PopImpressKA Journal, PopImpressKA Brand and PopImpressKA Art Collection during her interview that was cohosted by Legendary Joe Franklin, Joe Franklin posing with Olga Papkovitch and one of her Art pieces from PopImpressKA Art Collection/Jesso On Wood, Archangel Gabriel. Joe Franklin was a patron of arts and loved new upcoming artists.

Above: Amazing Denny Daniel remembering Joe Franklin and his era. Denny is a creator of "The Museum Of Interesting things" brought some of the most amazing items on the show and demonstrated the work of the most old and original gramophone.

Above: believe it Or Not

Denny from "The Museum Of Interesting Things" receives antique memorabilia in the mail from people from all over the world. As Denny stated everyone who opens the envelope usually fits the ingredients of a mystery package. Olga Papkovitch/CEO & Founder of PopImpressKA Journal opened a mystery yellow package and inside was an old antique picture. On the picture is a pinup girl shooting an arrow, the bottom sign says "Sure Thing". Yes we are shooting with PopImpressKA Journal and it is a Sure Thing. Olga's zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Above: Andrew, one of the well known Broadway critiques remembering Joe Franklin

Thank you to: Kenny Luppo/ Founder and CEO at GIG Entertainment, Joe Vulpis/ Founder and CEO AP Music Group, Antonina D'alessandro, Angelo D'alessandro, Jared Chayut/Videography, Karynne Summars/ Contributing writer for PopimpressKA Journal and author for Desperate Pursuit In venice and Desperate Pursuit In Rio de Janeiro, David Karges/ DeepKut Entertainment, Joshua Brito, Lydia Kotevski, Maxim Mamurov, Stalin Cruz/CEO & Founder at Clash Of The Industries, Franklin Cisco Burns


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