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PopImpressKA Journal for Clever Solution: How to Improve Credibility of Your Business Online

PopImpressKA Journal for Clever Solution: How to Improve Credibility of Your Business Online




Above: Sergey  Grybniak / Chief Executive Officer at Clever Solution Inc. and Chief Executive Officer at

How to Improve Credibility of Your Business Online

In a connected world, having a website is not something you need just for the sake of having but a vital necessity. PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets are all around us, and people need websites and apps to make well-informed decisions about products and services they can potentially purchase and use. Nowadays, a competitive website is what makes your business credible and trustworthy.

Cutting-edge U.S. companies and successful brands have been using websites for ages. They know well that success online easily translates into the success of their business overall. Now, however, it’s high time even the smallest companies embraced the need for change. They know it perfectly well. No wonder that web development companies and digital marketing agencies have been springing up like mushrooms after rain. Below we’re going to talk about one of these companies.

About Clever Solution

Clever Solution Inc. is a NYC-based development and digital marketing company. Found as a support agency for our own projects, we’ve managed to transform into a full cycle company that designs, develops and promotes websites, web and mobile applications. Thus, we are fully aware of what businesses need on a competitive and saturated market – quality websites and apps with compelling design and feasible features – and provide turnkey solutions for businesses to stand out of the crowd. 

We understand that having a website makes the difference between success and failure and work hard to ensure it satisfies your needs. Websites are interfaces between companies and their customers. With their help customers can not only find information about products and services but also contact companies, read reviews, watch video reviews, compare products and services, and buy what they've chosen. Your website is what helps customers give your business a call or find directions on the go.

Clever Solution has found its bearings in a competitive web development market and made its presence known in NYC. We’ve achieved it because we always start from the very core and find out what competitive advantages this or that company has before starting the design and development process. We believe that design and features of your website, its look and feel should work to focus on your strengths. It should send your prospective customers a clear message why your business is better than your competitors’.

We believe that websites can ‘talk’ with customers by means of great UI and UX. Having a sleek, compelling, and visually attractive design is a must; yet, it should be trend-focused. Finding the balance between old and new is what allows customers to feel comfortable on your platform. Our design professionals always take into consideration what your customers need and love to hit the bull’s eye from the first shot.

A compelling design, great UX and various features greatly improve credibility of your business and show your customers that you’re committed to satisfying their needs. However, it does not guarantee that your customers will be loyal to your business. To have brand loyalty, you need to have an impeccable 24/7 service, high quality products and/or services, and tons and tons of content to work with your target audience.

Yes, content is king. And for us that is not an eye-opener. Your website may be perfect and your products and services may be of great value in terms of price and quality, but you still need to attract customers and then keep them. You clearly need a digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, SMM, PPC, PR, and copywriting. Make your company known in social networks by sharing valuable content. Use the power of PPC ads to attract customers. Populate your website with keywords and phrases to get to the top in the SERPs. We can do it for you.

Web and Mobile Applications

Now, you have the recipe for business success online: a nice design, functional website with great UX, valuable content, a well-thought digital marketing strategy. Is that enough? Yes, but only if your business isn’t focused on e-sales. Online stores are also websites, but, based on their features, they are actually more web apps than websites.

Apps are often a costly, time-consuming decision; however, if you want your online platform to have more advanced features, it’s your only option. Clever Solution designs and develops web and mobile apps on Node.js and PHP.

The app development process is quite similar to website development.

  • We create a compelling and exciting vision of your web app. We analyze the needs of your business, its position in the niche and on the market overall to provide an outstanding solution.
  • We design the app. Our goal here is to not offer you a bunch of visually attractive images but to ensure that the design is feasible and all designer solutions can be implemented through the code.
  • We create an MVP for the app. MVPs, or minimum viable products, are necessary to create before the development process begins. Figure out if your app idea is viable and test its design.
  • We develop the app. Bringing the vision into reality is not always easy, but we push hard to ensure that the app looks, functions and feels as it should.
  • We test the app. The testing stage is crucial as we want our products to be bug-free. We understand that only the apps that do what they should bring value to customers and profit to our clients.
  • We support the app. If something goes wrong with your app, contact us. We’re ready to look through the code, find and solve any problems your app has.

Generally, apps help project influence in the niche much better than websites. They cost more and are more complex to develop, yet more lucrative in the long run. The app simply shows that you care about your customers, care about their time and convenience.

Who Are Our Clients?

Clever Solution offers its services to small- and medium-sized businesses and startups. We care about our clients, and; that is why, we never try to bite off more that we can chew.

Although Clever Solution is based in NYC, we work with businesses all over the nation. Basically, we develop websites, online stores, web and mobile apps for doctors, lawyers, charity, car rentals, mobile repair businesses, sports associations, and many more across all of the country.

Quality means a lot to us. We keep in touch with our customers to gather feedback and improve our processes. We’re always ready to answer all your questions related to our services and operations. Contact us on and we’ll offer a clever solution for you.

Why us?

Clever Solution is a result-oriented company. We know what we do, and we love what we do. We care about our clients and are ready to walk the extra mile for them.

Our goal is to bring value to your business. Therefore, we collect and analyze data, perfect our design and development solutions, test relentlessly, and offer after release support. We’re committed to going a long way towards ensuring a finished result with excellent design and functionality.

The road to success online is full of trials and tribulations. Yet, if you make a clever solution from the very start, you’ll succeed in the long run.

Check out some of our projects below:





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