PopImpressKA Inspired By YOU: In search of Kindness and Compassion: We want to know your story!

PopImpressKA Inspired BY YOU:

In search of Kindness and Compassion: We want to know your story!

In this ever changing world with so much media coverage on death, despair and destruction.

We here at PopImpressKA believe that there are stories out there of kindness, compassion and heroism that the media is not putting much focus on. We would like to hear your story so that we may share it with our readers in hopes of inspiring kindness and compassion as well as reaffirming to those struggling with whatever life’s challenges  that  people are going through that, there is HOPE that humanity still possesses goodness.

So if you or anyone you know has touched the lives of others through kindness, compassion or heroism in any form… It can be as simple as a stranger saying hello or a smile from across a room that may have changed the course of your life or someone you know that may have done so... Please share your story so that we may INSPIRE and provide HOPE to others together. Please make sure all your stories edited properly, we will be publishing as it is with your name on it.

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Pictures and videos could be included in the blog article as well as your help phone numbers and web sites

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