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PopImpressKA Journal: Elli K / Healing Music & Skincare

PopImpressKA Journal: Elli K / Healing Music & Skincare

In a world where we can easily lose ourselves in the hustle and stress of everyday life, it is essential more than ever to take time to reconnect with our true selves. To help us do that, the revolutionary, multi-patented skincare system, Essential Sincerity by Elli K, is set to launch in the US this winter. The three-part system includes: Elli K Essential Sincerity from AZ Time Reverse Cream; Elli K Essential Sincerity from AZ Time Reverse Double Ampoule; and the .  Elli K Essential Sincerity from AZ Time Reverse Mask.

As a frequent visitor of Sedona, Arizona, Elli K discovered how natural elements found in the earth and sea contain properties that can help heal and rejuvenate our minds and bodies. Through partnering with a research lab at the University of Arizona, Elli K found a way to harness the energy and healing properties of these elements, creating a skincare system that repairs and restores damaged, aging skin - as if “reversing time.” 

Exclusive Interview with 
Rachel Song, US Brand Director for Elli K

1. PopImpressKA Journal: What is behind the name Elli K skincare?

Rachel Song: The brand decided that in order to represent a true Arizona heritage beauty brand, they needed to create cosmetics not only for external beauty, but also for inner beauty.

Arizona is home to a world-class meditation center where celebrities and the wealthy from around the world come to visit.  People who live in Arizona also focus on inner peace and healing. That is why the brand wanted to incorporate a music ritual to provide deep relaxation while using the product.

In the process of finding the right music, we discovered the artist Elli K and her inspiring music. Once we chose her music for the brand, because her participation was so important and her music is what sets our brand apart, we agreed that it would be better to have Elli K as the brand name.

Elli K embraces love for both nature and inner beauty. Because the brand synthesizes music with the Arizona Heritage planned by the brand, we decided to graft the name and music of Elli K into the new cosmetic brand.

2.  PJ: 
What ingredients do these skincare products consist of?

RS: The three Elli K skincare products consist of four unique patented complexes with detoxifying properties made from Sedona Water and the rare Turritopsis dohrnii, also known as the “immortal jellyfish.”

Those complexes are:

AZ10-BIOME™ - designed using a special double-fermenting process that blends cactus honey, echinacea and banana yucca with Sedona Water to provide deep moisture to the skin.

AZ4-Rx™ - formulated with the most skin-friendly fermented oils to enhance the skin’s natural protection against the external environment.

NEUROVITY™ - an anti-aging complex, the “secret” of the immortal jellyfish.

PROGELINE™ - makes the skin more elastic and smooth.

3. Where do you sell your products? Do you have a store location?

RS: It is currently on sale at and will soon be available on Amazon as well. In Q3, we plan to launch 4 additional products.

4. PJ: What is the connection between Sedona and Elli K skincare?

RS: As a frequent visitor of Sedona, Arizona, Elli K discovered and fell in love with the incredible energy found in the elements found in the area’s natural environment. Through partnering with a research lab at the University of Arizona, Elli K found a way to harness the energy and healing properties of these elements, creating a skincare system that repairs and restores damaged, aging skin - as if “reversing time.”

5. PJ: What is so special about Sedona?  

RS: Arizona is known worldwide as home of the most awe-inspiring geological wonders of the world -- the Antelope Canyons. Sedona is one of Arizona’s most popular cities, known as the “land of healing.” The city is famous for its mysterious energy vortexes and naturally flowing spring water that cleanse and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. 

During her frequent visits to Sedona, Elli K noticed soothing sounds of the natural environment were another way to relax the mind and body. She incorporated actual sounds of Arizona nature into the music, including the wind, birds and flowing water. The sounds were recorded and engineered by Dirk Sobotka, a six-time Grammy Award-winning American sound engineer. These sounds are woven throughout all 7 tracks that make up the The Journey of the Hummingbird EP that provides a 20-minute relaxing soundscape to the Elli K beauty ritual.

6. PJ: Do you have products with  fragrances vs fragrance free products?

RS: Elli K products have a soft yet refreshing scent that awakens inner energy and releases tension. 

Elli K's signature scent is inspired by the land and plants of Arizona, delicately expressed in a sandalwood and musk base with refreshing bergamot to relieve tension and fatigue. You can feel a mysterious mood that you have never felt anywhere else that can comfort you at the end of the day.

The fragrance is a unique combination of Bergamot, Lemon mixed with Tea, Lily of the Valley and Cedarwood and Musk.

7. PJ: What age groups could use your products?

RS: We target female consumers in their 30s to 40s.

8. PJ: If a client has allergies what could you offer?

RS: All Elli K products are hypoallergenic.

However, some users may experience reactions due to changes in your body rhythm, seasonal factors, and changes in external conditions.

In case of an abnormality or any discomfort caused by the cosmetics, stop using the product and the original skin condition will gradually improve. 

9. PJ: Is there a ritual that you could suggest or steps you could describe how to use your product the best to maintain a healthy looking skin, mind and body?

RS: The Elli K beauty ritual involves three of your five senses - touch, smell and sound.

By reinvigorating the senses, the body is in harmony with the spirit, and true beauty comes out. Feel the restoring and healing power of nature in this three-step skincare system.

1. Elli K Essential Sincerity from AZ Time Reverse Cream

A dual-functional cream with a patented anti-aging complex containing Arizona’s natural revitalizing properties. With a luxurious feel, the cream spreads smoothly on the skin, making it feel soft and supple.

2. Elli K Essential Sincerity from AZ Time Reverse Double Ampoule

The pink ampoule provides deep moisture with a patented anti-aging complex extracted from natural elements found in Arizona.

The green ampoule has a milky-soft texture and contains NEUROVITYTM, an anti-aging ingredient that has been discovered as the secret to longevity in a certain jellyfish species.

These ampoules combined with the micro-oil capsules blend harmoniously to create double-protection against aging skin.

3. Elli K Essential Sincerity from AZ Time Reverse Mask

The anti-aging two-part sheet mask separates the T-zone and the butterfly zone of the face to provide essential moisture and nutrients to where they are needed the most. The mask contains the patented PROGELINETM, another excellent anti-aging ingredient.

While applying the microfiber sheet mask, you feel the creamy ingredients absorbing into your skin and the stress melting away. Your skin feels soft and nourished, and your spirit feels refreshed.

While you are enjoying the Elli K Essential Sincerity from AZ Time Reverse Mask, listen to the 20-minute relaxing soundscape of The Journey of the Hummingbird, provided with the product.

Studies show that while listening to music, the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin are released by the brain. They calm the mind and alleviate depression. Elli K takes you on a deeper journey using certain rhythms and alpha waves that calm the mind.

Let Elli K’s multi-sensory beauty experience transport you to the uplifting and relaxing world of Arizona’s nature to restore and reinvigorate your mind, body and spirit.

10. PJ: What else is Elli K skincare working on now?  

RS: As of now, Elli K is poised to launch four more products this summer:

Elli K Essential Sincerity From AZ Time Reverse Cleansing Foam
Elli K Essential Sincerity From AZ Time Reverse Cleansing Oil
Elli K Essential Sincerity From AZ Time Reverse Purifying Lotion
Elli K Essential Sincerity From AZ Time Reverse Treatment Lotion

Check for updates!


11. PJ: What are the three wishes for your product?

RS: 1) Simple skin care

It completes balanced skin care with the habit of consistently using only one product suitable for any skin, rather than using multiple stages of complex skin care methods and using too many products.

2) Premium skin care with professionalism and functionality

AZ10_BIOMETM and AZ4-RXTM are added to the base of all Elli K products, each with a functional complex according to the characteristics of each line, to develop skin care with expertise in balancing the skin, as well as functionalities for each skin concern according to skin condition and age.

3) Skin care faithful to the basics

We do not follow trends. Instead we make products that are essential to our skin’s daily needs. Rather than selling a variety of products, we focus on products that we will purchase again after using them to the end by developing products for balanced skin.


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