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PopImpressKA Journal: “ Kindness is the New Sexy” - by Luisa Diaz / Author of the book “ Sexy is Timeless”

PopImpressKA Journal: “ Kindness is the New Sexy” - by Luisa Diaz / Author of the book “ Sexy is Timeless”

Sexiness is a coveted quality by both men and women. In this era of women’s empowerment, wanting to be sexy (or even saying the word) will raise some eyebrows. For years the characteristics of sexiness have been misunderstood. 


“Women who are considered sexy” are portrayed by the media as those who show too much skin and act provocatively. Personally, I believe that is not at all being sexy; it is simply vulgar. I dislike vulgarity, and I do not want it to ever be confused as being sexy.

 I want to talk about the true meaning of being “sexy” and what that characteristic looks like when applied to a person’s life.


After interviewing hundreds of people- women and men- and personally researching the topic for years, I believe I have uncovered the true meaning of modern sexiness. 

I realized it through activities and in places that one might not typically associate with the mainstream media’s portrayal of being sexy.  

Seven years ago I founded the Mi Amor Gala and, more recently, the Luisa Diaz Foundation. We work hard to recognize and support organizations and individuals through acts of kindness. Our slogan is “Kindness is cool.” We believe that. 

I believe Kindness is the new Sexy. Why? Let me first define “Sexy” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, 'Sexy' is defined as “something that is interesting and appealing.”

Along with love, kindness is the most curative remedy in all human interactions. Everyone needs kindness— but what is kindness? Kindness is a virtuous behavior that stems from a concern for others. It is marked by ethical attributes and a pleasant disposition. 

There is nothing sexier than a human who has compassion for others. Giving a word of encouragement inspires and motivates people who are down. Making a positive impact in other people’s lives is priceless, and that is the new sexy. 

One thing that history has shown us time and time again and that has become clear throughout the pandemic is that, regardless of people's beliefs and differences, kindness lies within all of us, and through kindness we can come together to help each other. 

We saw small businesses like restaurants and convenience stores giving out free meals to needy families. We had watched large corporations convert their factories in order to supply masks and other protective gear to care providers in hospitals. Designers have made masks instead of couture gowns. People showed their willingness to go out of their way to help others- volunteering, mentoring, teaching, and asking how they could help. 

This was the silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic and the most beautiful thing about being human- our innate desire to help one another.

Every person faces dozens of choices every day. Perhaps you want to choose today to be actively kind- choosing to intentionally smile at someone, extend a kind hand, encourage instead of criticizing, compliment instead of gossiping, and inspire and motivate rather than putting people down. 

A word of compassion and empathy goes a long way.

If all of that isn’t enough reason to practice kindness in everyday life, helping others is the best way to boost your confidence (plus, it’s good karma)! As Princess Diana said, “Carry out a random act of kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” 

Kindness never goes out of style and gets even better with age. Kindness doesn’t discriminate and allows you to stand out and absolutely makes you more interesting, appealing and unforgettable. In this new era of empowerment choosing to practice Kindness and care for humanity is the ultimate form of Sexiness.  

Let Kindness be your new sexy this year. Be kind to yourself and others.  


Luisa Diaz




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