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PopImpressKA Journal | Events, Charities, Art, Fashion, Movies

PopImpressKA Journal and Art Couture Present: Alexandra Lee - PopImpressKA Art Couture and Journal Spokesmodel, 2018

Exclusive Interview with Alexandra Lee - PopImpressKA Art Couture and Journal Spokesmodel, 2018 

PJ: Qhat is your background, and tell us about your family.
AL: I am extremely proud of my background. I am Italian and German. One word to describe my family would have to be chaotic! I can always count on my family's unconditional love and support. Despite the craziness I wouldn't trade them for anything. 

PJ: What are the most important qualities you think we as humans must have?

AL: I believe that every human should live by these three qualities; to be passionate, honest, and courageous.

PJ: What are your favorite places to do photo shoots at?
AL: Anywhere a camera can travel to! I don't have any specific spots, I love what I do at anytime and any place. 

PJ: How old were you when you started modeling?
AL: I have been in front of the camera before I could even crawl. However, I officially decided to turn my passion into my career when I was seventeen years old.

PJ: Do models have an age limit? 
AL: Absolutely not! Every man, women, child, or elderly person deserves to express themselves at any age. I think a lot of people don't realize anyone can discover their talent at any age.

PJ: What would you advise to young children who dream of being a models?
AL: Go for it! Remember, only you can provide the best you. Give it all you’ve got and with time you'll see the results come. Don't ever forget your morals in life, if they get lost down the road be sure to stay true to you.

PJ: What do you consider the best and the worst being a model in the model industry?
AL: The best thing about modeling, I would have to say, is receiving the photos back from a shoot and seeing what the whole project has produced in working together. It is an extremely rewarding feeling seeing the whole project come together and having everyone's hard work be recognized. The worst part of the modeling industry is everyone's criticism. I do have to say it does get to me at times. Words are very powerful; it's best to remember with every negative comment you receive that there will always be a positive one following it. 

PJ: How would you like to see your career to develop?
I see myself impacting the world for the greater good. I would like to provide an image for all people to embrace their individuality. 

PJ: As a spokesmodel for PopImpresssKA Journal and Art Couture, what are your goals and visions to bring to the team this year?
AL: My goals this year for PopImpresssKA Journal and Art Couture is to further grow the audience and to touch on topics that have not yet been discussed. 

PJ: What do you think it means to be successful?
AL: In my eyes being successful means that your dreams are turning into reality. One’s success is determined by their inner self.

PJ: What are your favorite books, your favorite time of the year, and your favorite activities?
AL: My all time favorite book would have to be A Child Called "It" by Dave Pelzer I highly recommend it. The book truly gave me a new perspective on life. My favorite time of the year without a doubt is Fall; it is a magnificent season. My top activities would have to be riding my horse on long trail rides, going to the beach, and riding my ATV with friends. 

PJ: What are your three wishes?
AL: My first wish is to ensure that all animals can be protected and saved. Secondly, I would like to wish good fortune to all those who are less fortunate than others. Lastly, I wish for peace and harmony to everyone in the world.



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Above: Behind the scenes: from left with Baroness Olga Papkovitch / CEO & Founder PopImpressKA and Kim Monaco

All Wardrobe and Jewerly by PopImpressKA Art Couture

LV Umbrella - Accessories / Louis Vuitton®

All above photography: Konstantin Mamyshev / PopImpressKA staff photographer

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