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PopImpressKA Journal | Events, Charities, Art, Fashion, Movies

PopImpressKA Journal: Art Show Benefit for Midnight Mission

Art Show Benefit for Midnight Mission at  Damian De Langeron Gallery Beverly Hills 2016 

Hosted by: Damian De Langeron

Video, photo:  Vitalijus Ramaneuskas

Media Consulting:  Jacqueline Beaudette,

Orchestra: Tom Bimmernann, Ven Olac

Social Media: Den Avash

Security: Bill Bermudez

Stylist: Vanessa Terrazas

Eva De Langeron

About Damian De Langeron:

De Langeron is a person, a phenomenon. He is a modern day classicist. Extremely gifted in many creative areas, yet humble about this. I have-been astounded by some of the work I have seen, Time of the Old photography, His painting, His interior design, sculptures and his assemblies. What strikes me about all of things thesis is the main ingredient that I put into my own work, all which is care. In this way, not only is he an artist of the aforementioned disciplines goal he is an artist of life - painting, sculpting, designing and Creating situations of goodness and benefit for many.

-Robert Zuckerman.

There is pleasant chance to come closer and appreciate the artistic production of the versatile Damian De Langeron and I was particularly impressed by his ability to express himself in the painting, through ways that are always new and surprising. 
I was particularly impressed by his use of colors, the way he combines brilliant colors and pale pastel colors, giving life to captivating chromatists, alluring, inviting, flirtatious voluptuously attractive.
Each one of his art creations has his own life, separated from the previous and from the following.
There’s no slack, no repetition, but a continuous reinvent itself to the eyes of the observer, and that is what captures and makes it so charming and amazing.
The art and the painting are always expressions more or less of the personality of the artist, of his way to communicate to the world the secrets of his subconscious, to give voice to the irrational, to the instincts, to the emotions. And De Langeron’s communication is always positive.

Mine will be therefore an attempt to get to understand the man Damian, starting from his art creations De Langeron, and to catch the less approachable aspects. One of his great mentor famous photographer  Robert Zuckerman. 
What amaze and capture the attention at first in his natural coherence it’s the common thread that connects all his paintings and pictures, the immediate dynamism, the instinctual aspect.
One feels the constant will to catch the attention. And the eye of the observer, to make him part of an intense versatile emotively that is not afraid to show itself in its ever changing ways.
The painting, same like dreams (Freud) can become a valuable expressive tool and if u look at it can be more clarifying than hundreds of psychoanalysis sessions.
He is not afraid to show it’s exuberant. Outgoing vitality but also his timeless naive side.
A mature naive side, which combines the enthusiasm of the kid to the intelligence of mature thoughts and mind.
His paintings give emotions because they express a strong capacity to live its emotions inside himself and release them in multiple ways on the outside.
In its paintings there’s lot of movement, of quick movements, the brilliant reds and the scarlet reds, that recall the burning of passions. The choice of colors shows the will to express and create harmony between opposite feelings: purity and passion, pain and serenity, sensuality and innocence.
In painting and in art as well, you see its will to come close to reality with enthusiasm and positivity, trying to catch its best aspects in an ever changing evolution.
The woman or man appears almost idealized and her/his sensuality is soft by captivating in its purest forms, her charm is never a show off, her female, his male side is a subtle seduction, just barely shown but has depth and we can see unveiled soul.
In all his creations the artist shows his emotions and spontaneous moods.
His personality is vivacious, optimistic, outgoing, pushed toward the world and people with positive spirit, open to changes, to new life, To the free expressions of soul and its desires his Vision of reality is mature but at the same time looks at the world with the curious eyes of a teenager. He simply lives his emotions to the fullest and then release them back. To the audience who absorb his emotions.
It’s multi layers deep personality, brilliant and optimist, can deal with the irrational and is not afraid to experiment and share: love n joy, as well as pain and suffering times.
And that’s what life’s about: always taking risks, live it to the fullest, feel the love the joy the excitement but also the pain the discourage the scary moments and difficulties.
And Damian De Langeron is not afraid to express his pain, he lives it deeply and give it back to us through his paintings, through their strong colors: vivacious reds intense blues brilliant yellows …
And that’s what creates the magic, the enchantment: the confidence of his feelings and the strong way he expresses and shares them with the observer.
Thanks Damian De Langeron for gifting us with a part of you. Your best part, that part that will remain forever in a timeless moment, despite the challenges that everyday life brings to us daily
-Art Critic Roberta De Angelis.

Must declare that I have never met a person with a greater ability to think abstractly and to solve problems from multiple perspectives. The order of the mind is on an extremely high level and it can coordinate impressions unlike any other I have encountered. Often our own prejudices bar us from entering a space or area where a solution is possible to an issue we are grappling with; Weather that be a project a personal issue, a seemingly insurmountable obstacle or a "I just can't reach it" goal.

One of the great and brilliant things about Damian that I discovered early on in our friendship is that he is willing to hear any argument and willing to find a pathway that may be circuitous but is effective and will ultimate in success or settlement of the issue at hand. This is an extremely unusual thing in a human being as it means one has to abandon preconceptions and biases. I have always found him to be honest and forthright.

Winston Churchill once said that success is going from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm until you reach the goal. Damian has this aptitude and his capacity for moving forward and solving are boundless. Mr. Churchill also said "Never give up" and Damien has this credo down.

He is a fine artist and his art, abstract paintings and interior designs as well as Red Carpet projects’ philanthropist, Host, MC are a reflection of this gift.  The dilemma of solving and seeing opportunities as well as finding a way to bring a desired outcome or an important plan to its fruition is only seen in men (or women) of the highest order. Because the hardest work in this World is thinking and creating.

Damian is an original and can not be boxed in or quantified. He is a humanitarian and looks at the World with an eye to fellowship and good works toward his neighbor. I have seen him cope with adversity with what I call "the good Heart". To walk through a difficulty and come out on the other side triumphant and refreshed is what we all may want but we often get side tracked ...Damian does not. He pushes forward.

To find the abstract and the practical in one person is very unusual as they are usually qualities that are embattled or on opposite sides.  one side or the other often prevails to the detriment of the whole. I look upon Damian as an achiever and a result getter.

We applaud his success and look for it to long endure.... and to my friend I say "good job"

 Jonathan Taylor

“Divine Luv”

With each stroke of paint, Damian’ caress the canvas giving its life and beauty. Damian’s  hands touches it encoding his most intimate feelings and state of mind.  What a sensual composition between the white canvas and his soul.    

Each line Damian extend, it accentuates the sweet spiritual dance between   him  and his creation.  A free spirited rhythmic melody that puts the observer in a deep trance.  

The child and mature man at last in love with his greatness and divine gifts.  

Damian free during the rhythmic trance, and the congruency of mixing and transforming paint if oil or watercolor  into something so beautiful is simply magical. 

The innocence of De Langeron’s  dreams and desires become a manifestation of rich and vibrant colors. Expressing deep and hidden from others memories of the past that influences  his  present.  The painting strokes become even more intense and precise.

Writing a new story with each detail, living behind an imprint of Damian’s  soul fused with paint.   The wonders of the past are whispers of learning when the creation of the future is achieved through Damian’s painting. 

-By Vanessa Terrazas.

Its a vivacious sparkling painting, a sort of postmodern spring. The warm shades but strong at the same time seem like they want to come out of the painting. Like many flowers that suddenly grow to life. Altogether, to face the sun who nourish nurture and cuddle them. It seems like you can feel the perfume and the velvety softness of the petals. Seems Iike you can see them getting lost in a spring blue sky. An awakening of the senses almost the rising of a new life in which dream and reality are mixed together in a new dimension of renewed passion. There is no space for thoughts, just a whirlwind of emotions that captures, and like the artist in the middle of the creation, so the observer can't help surrender and lose himself to this ecstatic feeling, and then find himself again. In a circular movement, in which the man forget his rational thoughts to surrender to love. a pure love, naif, but at the same time extremely intense. So intense and strong to bring the man closer to the Divine

-Art Critic Roberta De Angelis.

Midnight Mission  Established in 1914, this organization provides diverse services for homeless and near-homeless populace of Los Angeles, motivated to re-establish them as functional and self-respecting citizens.
The charity offers cooked meals, treatment for drug/alcohol abuse, as well as legal, medical and childcare services in an effort to transform from homelessness and hopelessness to self-sufficiency. While also providing educational opportunities, jobs, and shelter for these individuals and families to rest at night.
The Mission offers their help and services at no charge to every man, woman or child. The Midnight Mission is a California 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation and operates mostly through private funding, with Larry Adamson serving as the CEO.

Above Video: Damian De Langeron art 2015 Copyright

Above Video: POEM. Artist Damian De Langeron 2015

Above Video: Solo art show Damian De Langeron

The Midnight Mission Statement of Purpose:
The Midnight Mission offers a means to self-sufficiency to those who have lost everything. Our emergency services, recovery program, job training, education and work programs offer a compassionate pathway to productive lives. We eliminate obstacles and provide the opportunity to rejoin their communities, an orientation to live cooperatively with others, and a lifestyle that values the common good.
The following celebrities have provided support to The Midnight Mission:
Anthony Denison, Anthony Hopkins, Andy Garcia, Dick Van Dyke, Ed Begley Jr., Robert Downey Jr, Robert Pattinson, Tom Petty,  Carrie Fisher (Star Wars star and writer), Arlene Van Dyke, Denise Salazar, Richie Sambora’s, Gary Moore (KLOS radio personality), Mark Hamill (Star Wars icon), Chad Lowe, Tony Denison, Bruce Wagner, Damian De Langeron,  Bai Ling, Judge Craig J. Mitchell and Councilmember Tom LaBonge, Tim Allen.
The Golden Heart Awards social media was founded by Damian De Langeron.  Damian is a philanthropist and artist, originally from Europe. While traveling and working throughout Europe, he attained a solid reputation amongst charity and social life for his astonishing philanthropic movements and liaison activity. Since arriving to the United States he has successfully generating the same enthusiastic response. Damian has motto he lives by “Noblesse Oblige”, a French phrase meaning those privileged have the responsibility to act with generosity and nobility toward those less privileged.

Above: Union Of Royal Hearts

Above: Tom Bimmerman

Above: Tom Bimmermann and Damian De Langeron

Above: Ven Olac

Above: Video-photo  Vitalijus Ramaneuskas

Above: Virgil Gibson

Above: De Langeron Gallery

Above: Franc Drescher and Damian De Langeron 

Above: Guests

Above: Interior Design -Damian De Langeron art -Divine Luv- 40x60 oil 2006 'Butterfly'

Above: Marilyn Manson

Above: Michelle Vreeland 

Above: Damian De Langeron Art Gallery 

Above: Title 'Echo of Luv' 20x30 2015 Damian De Langeron design, art

Above: Steven Tylor and Damian De Langeron

Above: Lorry and Damian De Langeron

Above: Steve Shaban

Above: Robert Zuckerman, Damian De Langeron

Above: Robert Zuckerman with Delangeron s art 'I lost My Way, I Stopped to Listen'

Above: Robert Zuckerman -Damian De Langeron art -Divine Luv- 40x60 oil 2006

Above: Midnight Mission PR

Media Partner - Olga Papkovitch / CEO & Founder Of PopImpressKA Journal and Art Couture and

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