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PopImpressKA Journal Christmas Story Collection: Lina Li / Writer and Model

PopImpressKA Journal Christmas Story Collection: Lina Li / Writer and Model

by Olga Papkovitch

December 01, 2023

Exclusive Christmas Story by Lina Li:


Magical Christmas

Christmas is a magical time when the world is wrapped in the glow of lights, the scent of juicy mandarins, delicious pies, roasted turkey, mysterious enchantment, and the anticipation of a fairy-tale miracle. The atmosphere, like white, airy snowflakes, is filled with warmth and joy. Families gather around a sparkling Christmas tree, exchanging tender words, colorful gifts, and attention amidst the sounds of ringing bells, creating a enchanting melody.

This extraordinary holiday teaches us to give and receive love, smiles, and warmth, opening our hearts to wonders and magic. Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. For all Christians, Christmas is a great day marked by worship, gratitude, and joy - a day when the Savior, Jesus Christ, came to earth, embodying the Divine beginning in a human.

The story of Jesus' birth is described in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. According to Scripture, the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ in Bethlehem during a census. The city was crowded, and there was no room for lodging in any house. Therefore, Mary and her husband Joseph settled in a stable, where they spent the night with domestic animals, and it was there that Jesus Christ was born.

At the moment of Christ's birth, a bright star appeared in the sky, guiding the magi (wise men) to the baby. After Jesus was born, the shepherds, informed by an Angel, were the first to come to worship. The wise men presented their gifts—gold, frankincense, and myrrh (a special fragrant oil)—to the future Savior.

The holiday was established in the 4th century. In 336 AD, Pope Constantine set December 25 as the day of Christmas celebration in Rome. Since then and up to the present day, we joyfully and merrily celebrate this beautiful holiday.

The meaning of Christmas encompasses various aspects, including religious, family, sociocultural, and spiritual, calling for Love, Peace, and Goodness. It carries several symbols:

Gift-giving: Christmas is associated with the idea of giving and selfless Love. According to Christian faith, God sent His Son for the salvation of humanity, serving as an example of self-sacrifice and Love.

Hope and Light: The birth of Jesus brings light and hope to the world, symbolizing spiritual rebirth and the arrival of the Savior.

Christmas tree decorations: The evergreen tree, a symbol of eternal life, is used in decorations and becomes the centerpiece. Its decoration symbolizes the joy and beauty of the holiday.

Family values: Christmas traditions form around family communication, gift-giving, and joint celebration, emphasizing the importance of close relationships.

Peace on Earth: Christmas reminds us of the desire for Peace and Goodness.

Magic and Miracle: Christmas is associated with magic, especially in the perception of children. During this period, belief in miracles, kindness, and benevolent magical forces is strong.

As for me, on the eve of this upcoming Christmas, just like every Christmas, I make my cherished wishes and ask God for their fulfillment, looking at the Brightest Star. All my wishes, whatever I asked for, have come true. Only one, for some reason, took a very long time, almost four years...

In my Life, there is a very close friend, Sofia. The age difference between us is significant, 30 years, but it is not felt at all when there is understanding and friendly support. She lives in New York, and I lived in Kazakhstan. Various circumstances constantly prevented me from coming to visit—work, complex situations, and then the pandemic, which closed the borders for a long time. But, persistently, under the light of Life of that very bright Star of Christmas, I continued to make a wish to meet my best friend, and perhaps God was testing the bonds of our Friendship.


Above: Lina with her best friend Sofia

It was so fun to refresh memories of moments when we danced, supported each other in difficult times, instilling faith and hope. Sometimes people in restaurants joked and asked us who we were to each other, probably a daughter and mother so harmoniously and differently in age. Without being offended, we replied that we are everything to each other—daughter and mother, and sister, and best friends. Later, meeting us again, people smiled and shook hands, saying "Respect" to such a genuine Friendship.

In Friendship, like in a fairy tale, each year is like a new page filled with adventures and treasures of mutual understanding. Age does not define Friendship; it only adds wisdom and a variety of experienced moments. In this world created by Love and mutual care, the age difference is just a colorful element of the palette that makes the friendly connection an extraordinary masterpiece.

Flying 10,600 kilometers and enduring 12 hours of continuous flight, you understand the value of true Friendship and that every wish has its magical time for fulfillment. It turns out that every Christmas, my friend also made a wish to meet me under the light of the Bethlehem Star.

And this Christmas, amid the melodies and colorful lights of Christmas trees, full of warmth and coziness, we will celebrate together, blessing and delighting each other with sincere congratulations and gifts.

Only one cherished wish remains—to meet my true Soulmate and Love, celebrating every Christmas with joy and sparkle in the eyes, in the circle of a huge family and best friend, with the laughter of mischievous children excitedly searching for Christmas gifts hidden in colorful and glittering wrapping.

I steadfastly believe in the Miracle of Christmas and that each of us, sincerely making our wishes, will inevitably find everything we asked for in the light of the sparkling Bethlehem Star, for in the magic of Christmas, every star in the sky, every twinkling Christmas ornament, is like a key to mysteries where dreams find their magical fulfillment. In these days, even the most incredible wishes seem closer, as if stars descend to earth to fulfill your Brightest Dreams.

About Lina Li:

Lina Li is a very creative writer and model. She has been involved in drama clubs since childhood, winning literary competitions and being featured in newspapers and magazines.
Natalya Li (Lina Li) is a two-time finalist of the international literary festival "Open Eurasian Book Forum & Literary Festival," winning in the "Short Prose" category with the novel "Storms of Fate" in 2021 and in the "Children's Prose" category with the novel "Escape to Cloudless Dreams" in 2023. She has also received the international nomination "General of Peace for Peace" in 2021.

With a background in Law and Journalism, she graduated from the "Andres" Modeling Agency, appeared in films in Kazakhstan, and contributed to her own music project. She serves as the Director of the Creative Community within Igor Rybakov's X10 Movement.
Life motto: "Never retreat, never surrender," "Shine like the stars."
Dream: To publish a book that will circulate the globe and help millions.

Instagram: @LinaLee0710

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