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PopImpressKA Journal: Evening of Spanish and Flamenco Guitar by Vidak Radonjic At The Cutting Room March 06, 2017

Evening of Spanish and Flamenco Guitar by Vidak Radonjic At The Cutting Room 

March 06, 2017


Above: Vidak Radonjic, Vanessa Terrazas, Damian De Langeron NYC 1

Above: Music is Math Finance is Art

An evening of Rumba Flamenca and Great Networking featuring: Renowned Guitarist VIDAK RADONJIC with guest Bilgehan Tuncer and their Ensemble of Dancers

Mr. Vidak Radonjic is Founder of The Beryl Consulting Group LLC and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner. Mr. Radonjic is responsible for managing all aspects of hedge fund advisory practice. That includes fund due diligence and monitoring, strategies allocation, portfolio construction and development of new hedge fund analytics. He heads hedge fund qualitative and quantitative analysts team. The team conducts research on managers around the globe across all investment strategies. Mr. Radonjic has over eighteen years of experience in alternative investments and capital markets. Mr. Radonjic's alternative investment management career started at Swiss Bank Corporation in 1994 where he was involved in emerging markets fixed income trading and in hedge fund strategies research. Prior to founding Beryl, he worked for major investment banks in their research & trading units and at several fund of funds as a senior hedge fund analyst. Mr. Radonjic held various investment related positions at Swiss Bank Corporation, The International Investment Group, Salomon Smith Barney, WR Capital Management and Infiniti Capital. Mr. Radonjic is a regular guest on CCTV and Bloomberg TV covering global financial markets and hedge fund strategies. His expertise has been widely sought at international investment conferences and he has been quoted in various publications including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The New York Times, CNN, Institutional Investor, Business Week, Pensions & Investments and Asian Investor. Mr. Radonjic is multilingual and holds a Masters of Business Administration from Pace University and a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Following the success of Gypsy Passion and Gypsy Soul, Narada dipped into the nuevo flamenco well a third time with Obsession: New Flamenco Romance. The same basic assessment applies to this compilation as that which applied to its predecessors: flamenco purists will dislike the concessions to popular accessibility and miss the passion and fire of the traditional article, but others will latch onto that very accessibility, not to mention the unmistakable romantic elegance of this more modern take on the style. What's more, Obsession is just as strong, musically speaking, as its predecessors, with some of the highlights supplied by Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, Oscar Lopez, Govi, and Chris Spheeris, to name a few.

lamenco is a Spanish art form made up of three parts: guitar playing ("guitarra"), song ("cante"), and dance ("baile"). Flamenco originated in the southern regions of Spain, but it's thought to be influenced by many world cultures, including Latin American, Cuban, and Jewish traditions.

Originally flamenco dancing was not set to music; it was only singing and clapping of hands called “toque de palmas." Some flamenco dancing still follows ancient tradition, but the use of guitars and other musical instruments has become more popular in modern flamenco.

Traditional flamenco dancers rarely received any formaltraining. Instead, flamenco was passed down from friends, relatives, and neighbors.

While some flamenco musicians and dancers still learn the flamenco on their own, most modern flamenco artists are professionally trained.

Flamenco dancing can have many different purposes. Whether the dance is intended to be entertaining, romantic, or comforting, flamenco is a very emotional style of dance.

Flamenco dancers try to express their deepest emotions by using body movements and facial expressions. As the dancers perform, they may also clap their hands or kick their feet. Many dancers also snap small percussion handheld instruments called "castanets."

Flamenco is a passionate and seductive art form, a mysterious and misunderstood culture that has been burning in Andalucía for nearly five hundred years, and today flamenco has thousands of aficionado’s worldwide.

The common image of Andalucía is one of colour, romance, and passion, and the lone figure of the matador in the bullring, cape and sword in hand beneath the burning afternoon sun, and the equally gypsy art of flamenco seem to somehow go hand in hand.

Andalucía has a reputation for fiestas and celebrations that are overflowing with music and dance, women in colourful gypsy style dresses, silk shawls, and hand painted fans in an array of dazzling designs. The old men, faces scorched and cracked like the bark of an olive tree, their fraying straw hats an emblem of their past, and the courting couples dancing the most dramatic sevillanas are symbolic of life in this wonderful part of southern Spain.

Flamenco has been shrouded in mystery for many years, and it has only in recent years become known to, but not fully understood by, the rest of the world.

Many people witness flamenco in some form during their summer vacations in Andalucía, especially on the Costa del Sol, where there are flamenco Tablaos in abundance, these though rarely show the true flamenco.


Photo: Damian De Langeron

 Video: Matei Bivolar, Luca Castelli

Interview: Vanessa Terrazas

Media Partners: Damian De Langeron, Vanessa Terrazas, Den Avash, Gennadiy Kotlyarchuk, Misha Suvor, Eva De Langeron, Alex Panin, Olga Papkovitch/CEO & Founder of PopImpressKA Journal

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