PopImpressKA Journal: Fashionista Den Produced by Christian Neonchaos

"I said it once I'll say it again for me to do events it's for me to have my favorite artists do the thing that turned me into their fan and to show that to new people so they can see, hear and feel what I felt about each one of the artist I had on any event." ~ Christian Neonchaos 

Event Fashionista's Den took place on April 20th at 3squared gallery in Manhattan.

"Fashionista's Den is not your typical fashion event, we don't follow norms or rules. We follow Vision of art and sound, beauty is all around us and the energy that electrifies inside the den is felt with an experience like no other. " ~ Christian Neonchaos 

Presented Artists:
Artist Binx trailer and her new music video. 
Loli Lux
Danielle Cardona Graff
The blacklights (Ben Moon & Andrew Hobold)
Ladi Smigura

Jess Asfar
Emma Altman 
Nino Tsereteli TN_Sunglasses 
Aitana Martinez 

Julia S Bengtsson

Paintings by 
Eddy Bogaert
Ariel Zucker-Brull

Sponsored by PBR
All Photography by Maria Gordova

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  • This was a really cool event and I’m glad I was able to come and support. We need more of this in the world.

    Earnest Lee Lewis

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