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PopImpressKA Journal | Events, Charities, Art, Fashion, Movies

PopImpressKA Journal for 2016 UMFF Award Ceremony

2016 UMFF  Award Ceremony 

International Film Festival April 3d 2016 Los Angeles, CA

Universe Multicultural Film Festival (UMFF). 

There will be screenings and activities at four separate venues. The festival showcases multicultural films in a variety of languages, allowing family and friends to embrace cultural differences through the universal language of film.  

The festival, which is organized by Maeya Culture Exchange Group LLC, presents a wide variety of films (original features, shorts, documentaries, and animations) created by talented filmmakers from all over the world. UMFF offers all visitors an amazing and unique opportunity to learn about a variety of cultures, lifestyles, traditions and beliefs. All of the screened films will either be voiced in English or contain English subtitles in order to avoid a language barrier for the audience.  The culture based fashion competition creates a live stage for every culture to shine.    

Welcome to the 2015 Universe Multicultural Film Festival (UMFF) in the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula. All UMFF activities will be held in three venues -- Promenade on the Peninsula, RHCC Community Center and Peninsula Center Library, all within walkable distance of each other. The UMFF celebrates cultural diversity, creativity, tolerance and global unity in its exhibition of excellent films and screenplays. We showcase films and scripts that are rich in storytelling, strong in character development, and hold deep roots in diverse culture. This year, the UMFF will screen 72 official selections from 26 countries, including USA, UK, France, Germany, Romania, Greece, Austria, Slovenia, Ireland, Brazil, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, China, India, Israel, Iran, Kuwait, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and Ukraine. Attendees may choose to view from a wide variety of features, shorts, documentaries, and animations. This special event will also be a place where international film delegations share the screen with young and soon-to-be-known talents. Other than film screenings, attendees may participate in industry panels, cultural events, film Q&As, film receptions and Galas. Filmmakers are welcomed to meet here with potential partners and share their deal making tips and insights. On behalf of the entire UMFF committee, we thank you for being a part of our festival and participating in the cultural exchange. We thank the sponsors, supporters, and volunteers who make this event possible. With your generous support, new friendships and lasting memories have formed.

This April, UMFF will screen 68 official selections from 18 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, China, India, Iran, Korea, Japan, Spain, France, Greece, Ethiopia, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, and UAE.   UMFF will start its own film market that focus on the film distribution and the talents for multicultural and cross countries projects.  There are many International film maker delegations will travel to Palos Verdes Peninsula to support their films, the biggest group is the   Chinese film delegation of 40 that will appear at the festival. 

The Universe Multicultural Film Festival welcomes anyone who loves to spend a weekend exploring the world through the silver screen. Stay connected with the event on Facebook (Universe Multicultural Film Festival) and on Twitter (@UMFFFestival) for updates on Official Selections and screening schedules. 

Live Broadcasting by Zuzufy ( USA) and LeTV ( China); Live Performances, Award Presentation

Executive Director Lynn Tang

State Assembly David Hadley

Tracy Reiner, Host

Damian De Langeron – Host, MC, Red Carpet Host

Vanessa Terrazas - international Celebrity liaison, Red Carpet Host.
Vanessa became a private consultant for many celebrity and political and VIP figures.
Eva De Langeron - co Host, MC, Red Carpet Host team.
Artist, Fashion designer "Eva and Damian De Langeron".
Eva traveled as a Diplomat and worked throughout Europe and US attaining a solid reputation among philanthropic projects, celebrity, charity and social life for her great philanthropic activity and celebrity liaison work.  

Photographer: Steve Escarcega

Video: Marina Kufa, Scott Boden

Chaidamu National Orchestra ( Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan district, China) 
Chadamu National Rochestra was founded in Delingha City, Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous District in Qinghai Province. The four singers (Liteer; Jinba; Mengrong; Sarenhua) are all from families of Mongolian herdsmen. They learned folk music from parents and folk artists since childhood, enrolled into professional music schools in their teens to study. Each singer retains the traditional singing style, they are skillful at bowed and plucked instruments as well as khoomei (a singing skill). They participated in large-scale art events in China and abroad, and won many awards. They perfectly integrate the world music and folk music. Their enthusiastic and natural singing style, plus proficient singing skills, will lead you to a music paradise.

Josh Moreland, Pop Singer, Music Composer
Josh Moreland is an internationally recognized entertainer. Touring with well known celebrities like Far East Movement, Mario, Jason Derulo, Rick Ross and many more. Writing with 9-time Grammy Award winner John Legend. As a World Pop/R&B artist, writer, and entertainer, he is known for his unforgettable explosive performances. Josh’s sound crosses the likes of Michael Jackson, Sting and Bono. Josh’s message is that he wants people to fall in-love with themselves again, to remember who they are...remind them of their power and worth.

Joy Weiser; Singer, Dancer, actor
Joy Weiser is a singer, dancer, and actor. Born in Los Angeles, Joy has performed in a variety of musical theater productions including: Don Pasquale; The Magic Flute; Into the Woods; Die Fledermaus; Titanic; Sweet Smell of Success: The Rock Opera of Phantom of the Opera, and The Gondoliers.
In April 2015, Joy released her debut album, Below the Surface, focusing on songs from her heart--of passion, love, heartbreak, freedom and unity. 
In 2013, Joy auditioned for Season 8 of America's Got Talent. She advanced to the top 100 out of 75,000, and performed in Las Vegas

New York Pretty Sunset Beijing Chinese Art Troupe (New York, NY)
The Pretty Sunset Beijing Chinese Art Troupe founded by Lily Li. Ever since April 2015, it extended members from age 29 to 80. The team successfully presented, "Our home town is by the North East Song Hua River". The play was rewarded "Great Performance" by various New York Chinese American societies. In celebrating 70 years worldly United Nation grand multi-cultural and arts repertory shows, they are very proud of the accomplishment. This group won the best Qipao Artist Group title at 2015 San Diego International Kids Film Festival.

Pete Allman; Actor, Host, Producer
Peter Allman started out his career as vocalist in Houston, Texas, with Bubba Thomas and the Lightmen, the New York jazz festival winners. Then he established his own “ The Peter Allman Revue” that playing in the Fremont Hotel and Casino, The Orbit Inn, The Marina Hotel , now the MGM, the Jockey Club. As a producer, director and host of over 300 half hour television shows, The Hollywood Las Vegas Report, CMX Sports and Entertainment, The Las Vegan Report and Hollywood In Action, plus KSCI Channel 18. As an actor and producer, Peter was in those films:"Brando Unauthorized," "Killer Priest," "Night Bird," "Vatos Locos 2011", “Talk Back at West L.A. College," and "Winds of Freedom”. 

Siyuan Liu, Pianist
17-year old pianist Siyuan Liu is currently studying with acclaimed pianist and pedagogue Eduardo Delgado in California. Siyuan began her music training in China at the age of 4, she was Winners at many competitions, the 2015 Romantic/Impressionistic Festival Competition and 2015 American Redlands Bowl Young Artists Competition, 2011 China’s National Piano Competition, 2010 KAWAI Asia Youth Piano Competition and the 2006 Xinghai Cup China National Piano Competition, 2005 Hong Kong-Asia Open Competition. 
She had performed extensively in her home country and had been featured at the 2011 Universiade, the 2013 Shenzhen International Piano Concerto Competition opening ceremonies, 2015 Universe Multicultural Film Festival Awards Ceremony and 2016 Los Angeles Chinese New Year Ceremonies Concert. Siyuan had also performed solo recitals at the Schlern International Music Festival in Italy, Redlands Bowl in California, Shenzhen City Concert Hall, Shenzhen Grand Theater, Shenzhen Poly Theater, Hong Kong City Hall and at the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall in London. Her selected to perform at the famous music festivals, 2013 Lang Lang Youth Piano Festival in Germany, Schlern International Music Festival and the Todi International Music Masters Festival in Italy

Kenton Lane; Psychotherapist, writer, speaker, actor, musician
With a Portuguese Caribbean (Kittian) Harvard Scientist/Lawyer Father and a Ukranian/Bellarusian Intuitive Healer Mother, but also largely raised by an American Archeologist/Anthropologist Stepfather within Los Angeles’s show business, Art, & psychology culture, I was also exposed on a daily basis to the most diverse people, ideas, creativity, music, & spirituality possible from all over the planet. My education, training, experience, and philosophy therefore are gathered from far-flung sources and focused on exploring and developing Mind, Heart, & Spirit together.

Super Victoria Model Team ( Los Angeles, CA) 
Super Victoria is a multicultural model team, established in June, 2015 from the St Culture Advocacy, a non-profit organization that support multicultural exchange.  Most members hold regular day jobs; enjoy modeling at their spare time. They have been appear in the 2015 Universe Multicultural Film Festival, ICN TV show times and many other community events, also appeared in Broadway International Film Festival –Ensenada ( Mexico).   Super Vicatori shows and brings out the beautify of human being through the performance of wearable art. 

Georgia's School of Dance / San Diego United Leo Club ( San Diego, CA)
Georgia's School of Dance has been teaching children and adults to dance for over 60 years, it has been providing excellent dance technique and opportunities to all dancers in North San Diego County. Georgia's School of Dance employs professionally trained dance teachers, and we are proud to offer students complete dance education classes, including competitive dance training, in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere benefiting all dancers’ growth andenjoyment. In addition to all dance competitions, we take pride in giving back to the community by participating in numerous local community and charity events throughout the year. Some of our dancers are also the members of San Diego United Leo Club, they know the importance of giving back to the community and they have done many volunteer events in order to unite the performing team, demonstrate the power of the arts and utilize their dance skills to serve the community. Today, we are proud to present a lyrical dance "Calling All Angels" choreographed by Anthony Russell, and performed by Caitlyn Aguinaga, Ashley Lindsley, Dovie Telesco, and and Cady Mariano

Mike Shields, Actor, Director (Redondon Beach, CA)
Mike is south bay local film makers ., he is the Owner at Team 33 Productions and Award Winning Screenwriter. He is known for his work on “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil “(2010), Ginger Snaps (2000) and Walk All Over Me (2007). His screenplay “Diamond is a Girl's Best Friend” won the best screenplay award at 2014 Universe Multicultural Film Festival.  

The Silk Road Band (Irvine, CA)
The Silk Road Band, founded in 2015, is a Chinese girls’ band merging traditional Eastern and Western instruments. Inspired by cultural exchange and integration, violinist Bing Li breaks through the tradition and collaborates with Chinese traditional instruments, including the erhu, pipa, bamboo flute and zither. A hybrid of pop music and modern performance produces a new and vigorous cross-border performance. Recently, they made a number of appearances in important events such as Orange County Chinese Spring Festival Gala in Irvine, Bay Area Chinese Spring Festival in San Francisco, and the Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Party in Irvine. Though it has not been long since establishing the band, they have gained an excellent reputation through their many large-scale performances. Everywhere they go, they leave behind traces of beauty and the echo of thunderous applause.

Michael Suvor; Actor, Model, ­Red Carpet Host

Steve Escarcega. Steve began his photography work “old-school” when film was in vogue, and details of the print had to be addressed before you took the shot. He has carried on this tradition into the digital age and has become one of today’s talented celebrity portrait and fashion photographers. His resume includes portraits of entertainers and actors, portraits of graduates at several universities, red carpet coverage at private screenings, premier international screenings, and celebrity fashion shows. To name a few, The International Family Film Festival, and the Universe Multicultural Film Festival.  He has also served as a staff runway photographer at high profile fashion shows such as Metropolitan Fashion Week and Style Fashion Week. He is a Special Events Photographer serving at private invitation-only fundraiser events including “Lov Matters Charity” for disabled children, “Vanderpump Dog Charity Gala” for wayward animals, and many other unique annual gatherings such as “Roaring 20’s Lawn Picnic” and media coverage of “The Follies” formal event, in its 10th year gala.

Samples and more event coverage can be found at

Scott Boden. He travel and love location shooting. He work in the fields of modeling, weddings, events and fine art mainly. Although he photograph personal projects and just about anything you could imagine. Scott enjoy all forms of photography and photographing everything!

Scott shoot with Nikon in a digital format mainly, but it is not uncommon to see me with a film camera as well.

Michael Suvor. Michael is an actor, famous model from Europe. 

Marina Kufa.
Marina is the Producer  We Got You Media production, is a former Producer and host of Planet E! Entertainment Network. She also produced and modeled for Hollywood Fashion Designer Andre Soriano's fashio shows and Kaptain of Hollywood leather coat designer. She's also a pronominal spokeswoman for T.V. A sag actress, professional dancer who danced with Dragon Talent Group dancing in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Featured dancer in Step Up Revolution (movie) Directed by Scott Speer, produced by Adam Shankmann. Stunt driver in Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise. Featured in Miami Vice, with Jamie Fox, CSI Miami, Burn Notice with Michael Donovan, The Glade, and Bollywood Production "Dostana" featured in Trailer. Worked along side with Artists such as Carlos Santana, Michael Man, David Tutera and Denis Rodman.

Media Partner - Olga Papkovitch / CEO & Founder Of PopImpressKA Journal and

Art Couture and



Festival Images:

Above: Damian DeLangeron Red Carpet

Above: Damian De Langeron-Vanessa Terrazas

Above: Damian De Langeron-Vanessa Terrazas-Tracy Reiner and team

Above: Damian De Langeron-Vanessa Terrazas-Tracy

Above: Damian De Langeron-Tracy Reiner

Above: Damian De Langeron and Mongolian band 

Above: Damian De Langeron and Mongolian band 

Above: Damian De Langeron 

Above: Inna Brinsfield Den Avash Damian De Langeron Vanessa Terrazas and team

Above: Lynn Tang- Damian De Langeron

Above: Marina Kufa and Vanessa Terrazas

Above: Michael Suvor Diana Terrazas

Above: Neal Cohen Damian De Langeron Vanessa Terrazas David Hadley

Above: Peter Allman - Damian De Langeron-Michael  Suvor-Vanessa Terrazas

Above: universe-multicultural-film-festival 

Above: Tracy Reiner




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