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PopImpressKA Journal: Color Therapy for Healing Pain by Annie Peterson-Kolatkar

Color Therapy for Healing Pain
by Annie Peterson-Kolatkar

The human experience of pain in the mind, body or soul is not fun but all of us can use a wide variety of simple methods for dialing down the experience and offer comfort to ourselves. I call these simple actions self-care or self-love. My favorite one to do is color therapy for healing pain.

Above: Annie Peterson-Kolatkar


Before I share with you, dear readers, this technique, I have three bits of exciting information to share with you about pain and how you can stand in your power and shift your experience and feel better.

3 Amazing Tips for Managing Pain

#1 – It has been scientifically proven that when we have pain in our bodies, the simple act of offering comfort to our bodies by announcing to ourselves “it’s okay to have pain” reduces the pain to more manageable levels.

#2 – When we rate our pain on a scale of 1 to 10 and our emotional and stress responses to our pain on a scale of 1 to 10, we further shift our experience. Here is where we notice the ways in which we are making our pain worse through our emotions and thoughts that create stress.

#3 – If you ask your pain what it wants to say to you, and you consciously open to listen, you will find the root cause for how you found yourself with pain in the first place. Then release the root cause and offer comfort to your pain in all the ways you can that are based in love and gentleness.

Color therapy for healing pain is easy and fun to do. You can do it in one or two breaths and then set it on auto-pilot as you go through your day or while you sleep.

If you have something you would like to heal while you are reading this article, tune into your body or problem in your mind and follow along. I recommend you start with the first three steps above and continue down below.

Step 1: The first step is to ask your body or mind, “What color is the pain?” Let’s use an example to illustrate this. Recently, I had a migraine that I pictured in my mind’s eye as mottled earthy-green in color. A client with a sore throat saw the pain in her throat tissues as purple and angry. A friend with a broken bone saw the fracture as brown.

Step 2: Now ask your body, “What color would you like?” Tune into the area of pain and learn the pain-color. In my example, the migraine wanted to be white. The client with a sore throat wanted it to be pink. The friend with the broken bone wanted it to be light aqua blue.

Step 3: Breathe out the pain color for three breaths.

Step 4: Breathe in the desired color or color that represents good health in that area of your body, for three breaths. Be sure to direct the breath with the color to the area that hurts.

Step 5: This step is where we are going to set an intention for your healing and automate it. The intention is this, “I breathe in the desired color and breathe out the dis-eased or pain color. And now, with every breath cycle, until perfect healing has completed itself in this area of my body, I allow this energetic color exchange to occur.” When healing has occurred, the energy therapy will stop without you having to consciously stop it. Yes, our brains are this smart and wonderful!!

An amazing thing happens in our bodies when we tune in and listen carefully to what it wants to say to us. Upon learning, we shift our perception of our suffering and take back our power.

Give or Get Help From A Loved One
Often we can be in too much pain to remember to do this exercise for ourselves. However, you can have a significant other or partner support you in leading you through the questions. Do it for a friend, family member such as a parent, brother or sister in pain looking for help to ease their pain.

I recommend going back to the self-diagnosis tool of rating one’s pain after completing the intention to learn how you have shifted. Is your pain response higher or lower? Is your emotional response to the pain any different? Has your stress response changed? When we use this feedback mechanism we begin to understand more about what works for us when we are suffering from pain and how we healed ourselves. This is so empowering.

Color therapy for healing pain is easy to do anywhere, anytime. You can breathe in a beautiful color that catches your attention in the fresh wholesome foods you eat, a gorgeous sunset, stunning painting –even a swath of silk fabric can bring energy into your body that heals you on a multitude of levels. You are never limited by what color energy you can bring into or move out of your body.

The reason color therapy healing works is because color is a light frequency or energy. We are nothing but energy and we vibrate at different frequencies based on our consciousness and varying emotional states. Color can shift us up or down in consciousness and match our moods accordingly. When we consciously connect to the frequency and bring it in with intention to heal, we send a very powerful message to our body about what we want. When we stand in our power, we bring more Love into our bodies and create transformational changes.

Why not ask your body tomorrow morning when you wake up what color it would like to breathe in? You might be surprised by how good you feel getting up!

And if you struggle with significant pain, I am here to help. I can be found at the Brain Integration Institute online. My greatest joy is in helping others find their inner healer and support their efforts to unleash their perfect health from within. Your True Nature is a state of health and happiness. Be well, now.

Contributed Article by Damian De Langeron, Eva De Langeron


PopImpressKA Art Couture and Journal always like to promote the colors and its influence on people and their well being. From our powerful color collection to those incredible people that make the full explanation why colors are necessary and beneficial to all of us.




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