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PopImpressKA Journal for Gallery De Langeron - Photography by Damian De Langeron “ I LOST MY WAY, I STOPPED TO LISTEN”.

De Langeron is a unique artist that combines art and photography. He has a very new and exquisite vision of light, shape and color. I like the vision of depth and feelings captured through camera and the immediate dramatic-romantic tension in his mysterious photography.  His art poetic and successfully evoke richness and harmony through color.

– Leonard Cohen

A dreamy, oneiric image. Surreal. Almost mystical .

“ I lost My Way, I stopped to Listen”  - image produced by author using camera. Out-of-body-experience. A man and three shadow behind him in a different  pose represents stages  when a person stopped thinking, stopped listening his mind and lost his way in non stoppable thinking  and  found new path by let all go and listening own  heart.. Average person usually has 60.000 to 80.000 thoughts a day, about 3000 per hour – says Dr. Deepak Chopra.

An out of body experience is when the consciousness, meaning the individual himself, makes a transition from operating with  physical body to operating with the another type of energy named

”astral”. Its like we see ourselves when we asleep. Another way to put it is that person  transitions from the physical, everyday reality into a parallel one but different dimension by being awake. This dimension is more subtle than ours, but always exist. This type of energy remains invisible to many of us because we lack the psychical perception to see into it. All over the world scientists found that  we have many levels of energy vibrating by different diapason of energy.

Attempting and having access to out of body experiences can set us on a journey of trying to understand this physical life this exactly artist shows in this art piece. 

 Because we have this glimpse into something unusual, a different world that most people are not aware of, we will come back with questions and a new perspective on life. 

In other dimensions, just like in ours, thoughts and intentions have consequence, they attract things and people. This is sometimes called the law of attraction. We can step out of our physical and solid world and look out through another lens. Through out of body travels, we can see ourselves as a multi-dimensional consciousness in the process of evolution along with other beings. With this realization, we become more connected in a cosmic way to our fellow human beings.  

Recognize the physical sensations such as tingling, vibrations, or pulsations. These are the first signs of feeling that we indicate “transportation “to another level of mind which we can see on the photography  “I lost My Way, I stopped to Listen.”  From left to right one of 3 shadows - this is a first stage of transformation.    

There is a man, was deeps in his thoughts, head in his hands, looking like he has been captured in a thoughts that is almost an ecstatic abandon. And now in this transformation is  changed to the serene floating of his thoughts, let all go… three different images of a man “shadow look” takes form : ethereal, disembodied , almost evanescent.

Representing three different moments of himself, separate, distinct, but at the same time harmonically joined together.

The first “shadow” image on the left is the representation of a body who is in movement, arms and Hands are pulled down , almost simulating the action of pushing away from something. All the body is pulled up, but no tension, no distress, in a quick but elegant, sinuous, measured movement .

The central  “shadow” image is static. Arms along the body, head relaxed, almost in serene meditation which is almost mystical abandonment to the movement of sensations .

You can perceive a sort of feeling of something he is been waiting for. But it's a wait without anxiety, like a temporary detachment from desires and worries, a sort of purification, of conscious estrangement from his instincts.

The third “shadow” image on the right is again moving. Represents stage when a person coming back to his own body. He keeps walking, going far; The eyes sight pulled down. He is thinking about something he has lost. Or perhaps something he never had. Its first time such experience… Very unusual.

The man thinking is still there, with head in his hands and his face features are relaxed, thinking about his thinking self, while the three evanescent images are following each other in a circular movement which is almost a dance.

They switch from one to another in an unstoppable rhythm flowing, naturally, without overlap, in a dimension which goes beyond consciousness, where space and time are one reality, a reality so distant and ethereal that we can only imagine it, think about it, dream about it .

This image, muffled and comfortably surreal is a real masterpiece for imagination, fantasy, creativity, and the flawless technique is only overtaken by artist's creativity, meditation and oestrus.

It'a a brilliant and elaborate portrayal of human condition, where thinking and action blur their boundaries and, sometimes, blend together, so the "operating" human can suddenly turn into observer. 

A participant observer, sometimes rational and balanced, disenchanted and uncontested ruler of his own destiny, some other times obnubilated by instincts and defenseless slave to passions, sins, and fears.

-Art Critic Roberta Guevara De Angelis

Above: Damian De Langeron art 'I lost My Way, I Stopped to Listen'

Above: Damian De Langeron - Robert Zuckerman 

Above: I lost My Way, I stopped to Listen

Above: Damian De Langeron and Pierred Du Lat

Above: Robert Zuckerman with Damian De Langeron art  I lost My Way, I stopped to Listen.

Above: Sculpture -By Damian De Langeron -I lost My Way, I stopped to Listen

Copyright Damian De Langeron, 2014

Media Partner - Olga Papkovitch / CEO & Founder Of PopImpressKA Journal and Art Couture and

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