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PopImpressKA Journal | Events, Charities, Art, Fashion, Movies

PopImpressKA Journal: Kazakh Films in Los Angeles

Kazakh films will be screened during the Kazakhstan Culture Days in Los

Angeles. The event organized by the Kazakh Embassy in the US with the

Kazakh Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Academy and Kazakh

Ministry of Culture and Sports was launched on 20 November in Saban

Theater with Akan Satayev’s Road to Mother.

The event was attended by Kazakh Ambassodor in the US Yerjan Kazykhanov,

Kazakh Culture and Sports Minister Arystanbek Mukhamediouly, President of

Kazakh Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Aiman Mussakhodjayeva, USSR

and Kazakhstan People’s Artist Assanali Ashimov, Kazakhstan People’s Artist

Kouman Tastanbekov, Kazakhstan’s Honored Artist Merouert Outekesheva and

prominent American film industry figures.

On 20 - 23 November, American viewers will have a chance to watch Kazakh

classic Qyz Jibek (director Sultan-Akhmet Khodjikov), and historic epics My

Childhood's Sky and Kazakh Khanate. A Diamond Sword (both directed by

Roustem Abdrashev). Screenings start at 11am local time at the LA Branch of

New York Film Academy. The films will be in Kazakh language with English


At the screenings, Kazakh filmmakers’ delegation will meet Kazakh students of

New York Film Academy

The delegation is comprised of Kazakh cinema’s living legends Assanali Ashimov,

Kouman Tastanbekov, Merouyert Outekesheva, film director Roustem Abdrashev,

actress Altynai Nogherbek and Shaken Aimanov’s Kazakhfilm Studios reps.

The event called The Spirit of the Great Steppe sees its mission in introducing

Kazakhstan's rich culture and traditions to American audiences.

Information on Films:

Qyz Jibek

A Kazakh Romeo and Juliet, the poetic folk tale Qyz Jibek is set in 16th -17th centuries when

the land of Kazakhs suffered from internal conflict and division, when rivaling clans each ruled

by power-hungry Khans fought with each other. Feud of the clans leads to the tragic demise of

Toleghen Batyr (knight) and beautiful Jibek.

Production Company: Kazakhfilm Studios

Year: 1970

Length: 2 episodes, 145 min

Director: Sultan-Akhmet Khodjikov

Screenwriter: Gabit Musrepov

Director of Photography: Askhat Ashrapov

Set Designer: Gulfairus Ismailova

Music Score: Nurgissa Tlendiyev

Sound Designer: Qadyr Koussayev

Cast: Merouyert Outekesheva, Kouman Tastanbekov, Assanali Ashimov, Anwar Moldabekov,

Kenenbai Kojabekov, Gulfairus Ismailova, Farida Sharipova, Idris Nogaibayev, Kaouken

Kenjetayev, Sabira Maikanova

My Childhood’s Sky

Roustem Abdrashev made a unique coming-of- age film about childhood and teenage years of

Kazakhstan’s first President Nazarbayev based on novels Neither Leftist, Nor Rightist, The

World’s Epicenter, In the Heart of Eurasia.

The protagonist, Sultan, dreams of becoming a pilot. By high school graduation time he is given

the chance to enrol at the Kiev Civil Aviation Institute but destiny has other plans for him.

Production Company: Kazakhfilm Studios

Year: 2011

Premiere: 7 April 2011, Astana; 14 April 2011, Almaty

Director: Roustem Abdrashev

Screenwriters: Shahimarden Kussainov, Roustem Abdrashev

Director of Photography: Alexander Roubanov

Set Designer: Sabit Kurmanbekov

Producer: Tasbolat Merkenov

Cast: Bibigul Touleghenova, Yerjan Jarylqassynov, Nourjouman Ikhtymbayev, Yeljas Alpiyev,

Abilmansour Serikov, Nourlan Alimjanov

Road to Mother

Ilyas goes through the hardships of life in the Soviet Union (orphanage, war, Soviet prison camp)

with courage and compassion, and with just one goal in mind: to reunite with his mother.

Production Company: Kazakhfilm Studios and New World Production

Year: 2016

Genre: Historic epic

Director: Akan Satayev

Screenwriter: Timur Jaxylykov

Director of Photography: Khassan Kydyraliyev

Set Designers: Nazira Baibekova, Larissa Reshetova

Cast: Adil Akhmetov, Arujan Jazilbekova, Altynai Nogherbek, Azamat Satybaldy

Kazakh Khanate. A Diamond Sword

After the collapse of the once mighty and fearsome Golden Horde in the 15th century, a new khanate, Ak Orda, emerged in what is now Kazakhstan. Tens of thousands of nomads unite under the rightful successors to the Golden Horde throne, Sultans Kerei and Janibek, and move off to establish a new khanate, a Kazakh Khanate.

Production Company: Kazakhfilm Studios and CentauRusRustemAbdrashevproduction

Year: 2016

Premiere: 16 December 2016 in Astana; 18 December 2016 in Almaty

Director: Roustem Abdrashev

Screenwriters: Smagoul Yelubai, Timur Jaxylykov, Roustem Abdrashev

Camera Crew: Saparbek Koichumanov, Alexander Plotnikov, Andrei Maslov

Set Designer’ Crew: Oumirzak Shmanov, Sabit Kourmanbekov, with participation of Yedil

Noussipov and Jannat Baimukanova

Music Score: Aboulkhair Jaraskan

Producer: Inkar Abdrash

General Producer: Arman Assenov

Cast: Kairat Kemalov, Yerkeboulan Dayirov, Doskhan Joljaxynov, Isbek Abilmajinov, Ayan

Outwoberghen, Meirgat Amangeldin, Niyazbek Shaisoultanov, Bekbolat Tleukhan, Shougyla Sapargali, Madina Yesmanova, Karlygash Moukhamedjanova, Inkar Abdrash, Dinmoukhamed Aheemov.

Above: Kazakh Culture and Sports Minister Arystanbek Mukhamediouly, Baghdad Ashimova, Asanali Ashimova, actor and director Asanali Ashimov, John Malkovich, President cinematography of Art and Science Ayman Musahodjaeva, actress of  theater and cinema actor Meruert Utekesova, movie and  theater actor Kuman Tastanbekov, theater and cinema actress Altinai Nogerbek, Kazakh Ambassodor in the US Yerjan Kazykhanov. 


Damian De Langeron, Eva De Langeron, Vanessa Terrazas, Gennadiy Kotlyarchuk, Yan Goldstein, Den Avast

Baroness Olga Papkovitch

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