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PopImpressKA Journal | Events, Charities, Art, Fashion, Movies

PopImpressKA Journal: Matt LeGrand / POP ARTIST / Musician

PopImpressKA Journal: Matt LeGrand / POP ARTIST / Musician

"12:00 AM"


Exclusive Interview:

PJ: While growing up what were your childhood dreams?

MLG: I’ve really only had one dream and that’s to be where I am today. A working musician! Being part of the music industry has never not been an option. I knew that this was what I was going to end up doing!


PJ:  Who helped you to achieve the skills?

MLG: Mistakes, consistency, persistence, and hard work.

PJ:  How did you meet Bryant Reid and what makes it good to work with him?

MLG: I met Bryant in Chicago through a mutual connection. He is an experienced veteran in the industry that knows how to break an act the right way. His reputation speaks for itself and his persistence is the reason why it keeps growing. I am extremely happy to have him behind me as we take on the industry! We have very exciting things planned!


PJ:  If you would pick any artist that is active right now to do a duet with, who would it be?

MLG: I’d love to hangout with Charlie Puth. I feel that we could both nerd out on music at the same level! His musicianship is absolutely incredible and the best part is that he is just being himself. 




PJ:  What do you consider being a successful performing artist?

MLG: If you can do your job well and respectfully. If you can be among the greatest and still be as hungry as when you first started. I think if you have the courage to commit your life to what you were called to do, you’re already successful. 


PJ: Your song 12:00 AM, what is the concept behind it that you have never shared with anyone?

MLG: I’m sorry but there’s not to much secrecy in this one! The concept is simply about missing the one you love. That person that makes you feel like you have a purpose. It’s a wonderful story and I feel that it was a ballad that happened to turn into a pop dance song! For me, “12:00AM” is more that just a time but an expression of joy!


PJ: What does love mean to you?

MLG: To me, Love means unconditional and understanding. I feel that our characteristics are measured not by when we are happy and at ease but when we are confronted, challenged, and uncomfortable. Can we still show Love when it seems that all of it has vanished? Can we hold onto light when surrounded by so much dark? These are the times when we as humans are truly tested. Love is our natural way of being and it is what we come back to when we seem like we can’t handle the world anymore. It is vulnerable and scary but with it comes strength and peace. 


PJ: What is your favorite time of the year, book, time period, music, and holiday?

MLG: Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite time! Lord of the Rings is the best book of all time and I listen to all music with an open mind. I respect it all!


PJ: How do you think various genres of music change our audience?

MLG:  Each genre has a specific crowd, a specific purpose, and a specific message. People can flow with how that genre changes or they can become rigid. Personalities are influenced by what you hear, feel, smell, and see. These genres change us because they are all different worlds and that is why music is so exciting. Change is inevitable. 


PJ: What are your plans for the future? what special projects do you have in the works?

MLG: The team and I are currently putting together an EP album! I am so excited for this. It’s going to include a great variety of new and experienced producers. We’re looking forward to more partnerships with charities. I just got done working with the RED Foundation. New music videos and performances to come as well!


PJ: You have a big following on social media, what would be your advice to other musicians that starting?

MLG: Be nice and work really hard. It’s an illusion business and it’s very important to always be aware and not get wrapped up in it all. Be prepared for anything and don’t take yourself to seriously. You get to do music, enjoy it!


PJ: What are your three wishes?

MLG: Walk the journey to Mordor, live another day, and more light for everybody.


Matt LeGrand Performing at EMPKT PR Launch Event:
Above: Matt performing; Image by Jeff Smith
Above: Matt performing; Image by Jeff Smith
Above: Matt LeGrand performing with dancers;
Image by John Mazlish
Below Matt LeGrand and  Beatrice Kimmel
Above Image By Jeff Smith
Above: Matt LeGrand with Beatrice Kimmel and Matt's Manager Bryant Reid
Video and Interview was done By Award Winning Artist and Founder of PopImpressKA Baroness Olga Papkovitch and Shefik / Award winning Radio Host / Shefik presents Invocation
Below: Award Winning Radio Host Shefik, Matt LeGrand,
Baroness Olga Papkovitch, World Famous Producer Bryant Reid
Photography : Eugene Charkov
Above: Interview Time with Matt LeGrand and Bryant Reid
by Baroness Olga Papkovitch
Above Image: Matt LeGrand, Baroness Olga, Papkovitch, Beatrice Kimmel
Photography: Eugene Charkov
Above: Matt LeGrand, Baroness Olga Papkovitch, Beatrice Kimmel, Shefik
Photography: Jeff Smith
For more information:
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(212) 777-6727 ext. 200 || Cell: (917) 848-0919

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