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PopImpressKA Journal: Natural Beauty Boutique by Ekaterina Ermilova, Moscow, RUSSIA


How Ekaterina Ermilova started her cosmetics line. Her STORY!

About Ekaterina’s Line in details.

“My name is Ekaterina Ermilova, I design & make natural cosmetics, where we select each ingredient with special passion & attention, studying all its possibilities & useful properties.

Our interest is mostly in creams of different spectrum of action - moisturizing, nutritious, firming, anti-cellulite, cream, aimed at restoring the protective barrier etc. We use only natural oils, plant extracts, aloe juice, panthenol, vitamin E, floral waters & 100% essential oils.

A few years ago I began to actively study what nature can give to our skin & was very impressed with this effect. During the holidays I would design the recipe & hand make Natural Beauty Soaps to give as gifts to family & friends (every creation is from my heart).

My life is closely intertwined with the modeling business, I work/worked as a model in Russia, China, Europe & America. It's not a secret that modeling is a very tough business, where a girl should always look perfect, have good skin, smooth hair, always look fresh & young.

I spent a lot of time searching for the optimal means for skin & hair, began to get carried away with folk remedies, which also were not advanced enough. For myself, I noted the effect of these or other plant substances. I began to actively study the technology of making cosmetic products, to study the structure and needs of the skin, to attend master classes. I experimented, consulting with specialists & gradually began to make the first cream for myself, my family & friends.

I was very pleased with the condition of the skin after using my creams, the skin became tender, moist,fresh & most importantly this result was preserved for a long time.

Im also very pleased with the fact that the natural cosmetics are created without the use of any controversial components or chemicals.

 Actually, this is how my idea of creating NATURAL BEAUTY BOUTIQUE cosmetics, which cares about the preservation of the beauty & youth of the skin due to natural healing properties, was born :)

Often people ask me the same question - why did I start create organic cosmetics and why is our line composed mostly of creams? The answer is simple as all genius. I like any other girl very much like to take care of myself, try to choose for myself all the best and I love cosmetics. At some point, my skin began to react literally to everything and the usual kind of favorite products stopped pleasing. I started learning to do natural & organic creams without harmful chemical components and the difference from using this cream has exceeded my expectations.

I am truly convinced that natural cream is able to preserve beauty and extend the youth of the skin. Moreover, to make cream is difficult, it requires special knowledge, availability of equipment and tools, endless search for the best active components, quality vegetable oils, but it is an interesting process that does not stop inspiring.

Me and my family enjoy NBB creams, and I have plans to create natural cleansers for face, because the action of cream also depends on how and what purifies skin”.


PJ: What is about the creative process?

EE: Cosmetics from scratch is made from individual components, without using the base. If I make a cream, I take natural vegetable oils as a rule organic, distilled or floral water, active ingredients - vitamins, natural moisturizing factors, plant extracts, 100% natural essential oils, etc. and an emulsifier of vegetable origin. Each cream is made strictly according to a calibrated prescription, where grams are accurate to hundredths. Particular attention must be paid to the cleanliness of the premises and the sterility of laboratory dishes, as well as packaging. Compliance with hygiene standards is very important, becauce every cream is a nutrient medium for various microorganisms and bacteria, therefore all instruments must be prone to severe disinfection. Then, strictly according to the prescription, I start to make a cream. Any cream, including natural, is a combination of two phases, namely oil and water with the help of an emulsifier. In a separate laboratory glass we measure the right amount of oil and butter, add the emulsifier and put the glass with the contents to be heated on a water bath to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. In parallel, we measure the required amount of water according to the prescription in a separate laboratory glass and put it all in a water bath. When the oils, batters and emulsifier completely melt, and the temperature approaches 70 degrees, you can mix the contents with water, which in turn also heated to a temperature of 70 degrees. After the water and oil have been connected, it is necessary to interfere with the cream with a special cosmetic mixer, trying not to allow a lot of air. Gradually the temperature of the cream will drop lower, it will thicken and become the right consistency. Once the cream comes to a temperature of 30-35 degrees, you can add the active ingredients - vitamins, extracts, moisturizing ingredients, essential oils, etc. And now your cream is ready!


My line of cosmetics created by unique recipes. I have long studied the properties of oils and what nature can give to our skin.

I selected the best natural ingredients and further I with specialists, with professional technologists made up every recipe.

For me it is very important  that the product is quality, safe and  it really improves the skin condition.

So each jar of  NATURAL BEAUTY BOUTIQUE cream contains the necessary vitamins antioxidants and fatty acids for the beauty and youth of your skin.

Also I am very concerned about the problem of environmental pollution, so I use ingredients that do not pollute the planet during use. And I have an idea  to create an enterprise for the processing of plastic in future, it is very important especially in Russia, bcz here it is still in its infancy. It is a big plan but we will work on it.

PJ: What could you tell us about yourself?

EE: And what about me .... I was born in Ukraine (Donetsk). When I was 6 years old my family moved to the South of Russia - Krasnodar region.

I  do modeling for a long time may be for 10 years, also during this time I worked in a certification company. We issued certificates for food, clothing and equipment and  I know how is it important to produce high-quality goods.

I love nature and animals. Periodically I help shelter animals in Moscow, because the situation with animals here is depressing. Many people do not care and  not interested, absolutely indifferent. I help volunteers of the Moscow shelter - I bring food to dogs, sometimes I transfer money, I help than I can.




Anti-cellulite cream "Green tea and grapefruit". 

Almost every girl is familiar with such a delicate problem as the formation of unevenness of the surface of the hips, similar in appearance to the orange peel. We created a natural cream that actively combats skin imperfections, effectively smoothes the surface of the hips and abdomen, contributing to weight loss and reduction of body volume.
This anti-cellulite cream is created on the basis of a whole complex of vegetable oils, among which there is a lot of cocoa butter, which has proved to be an active component of anti-cellulite creams. Cocoa butter is rich in theobromine and caffeine, which can increase the temperature of fatty tissue, resulting in the splitting of unnecessary deposits.
The cream contains caffeine, which activates the cellular metabolism and burns excess fat deposits, resulting in the skin becomes smoother and more elastic. Caffeine restores the protective layer of the skin, reducing its dehydration.
Green tea extract has a draining, anti-edematous effect, enhances blood circulation & is a powerful antioxidant.
Supercritical blending of extracts (fucus, kelp, horse chestnut, horsetail, ivy) are an active ingredient in the composition of the cream. Balanced extract, where the fat burner caffeine, which affects the tone of the walls of the capillaries, is balanced by an escin that strengthens the walls of the capillaries. The water, formed during the decay of fat, is derived with the help of mannitol extracted from horsetail, fucus and laminaria.
The effect of the cream enhances the synergy of 100% essential oils of juniper, thyme and grapefruit, which create a bright spicy & at the same time fresh flavor with citrus notes.

Purified water, sweet almond oil, triglycerides, cocoa butter, Olivem 1000, coconut oil, glycerin, caffeine, green tea extract, aloe vera gel, lecigel, cetyl alcohol, blend of CO2 extracts of fucus, laminaria, horse chestnut, horsetail, ivy, coffee, apricot kernel wax, tocobiol, optiphen plus, 100% essential oil juniper, 100% essential oil of thyme, 100% essential oil of grapefruit.

It is recommended to apply this cream with intensive massage movements, preferably in the morning, as the action of caffeine increases during movement & for maximum effect - apply the cream before training. Ideal for massage.
Beautiful even skin.

Body cream with shea butter.

Incredibly light, gentle & at the same time such a juicy & appetizing cream with shea butter nourishes, moisturizes & awakens regeneration processes, stimulates the synthesis of natural collagen, restores skin color & also protects against ultraviolet rays.
Our travel through the vast expanses of Africa where shea butter (karite) is a very expensive & valuable product inspired the creation of this product.
At the heart of the cream is the organic shea butter, which is obtained by the traditional method with the help of manual labor. When applied to the skin, shea butter has a nutritional & moisturizing effect that lasts longer than most vegetable oils can provide. To ensure maximum care in the composition there is a whole complex of vegetable oils of olives, grape seed, coconut & hemp.
*Hypericum (St. Johns wort) extract is rich in vitamin E, has an antioxidant effect, protects the skin from the effects of free radicals.
Extract of green tea stimulates the production of collagen, promotes the normalization of metabolic processes in the skin, has antioxidant properties.
*Vanilla extract restores, regenerates & rejuvenates the skin, increases its elasticity & softness.
*Aloe vera has a complex effect on the skin: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, photoprotective, antimicrobial.

Purified water, organic shea butter, olive oil, virgin coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive 1000, hemp oil, glycerin, d-panthenol, aloe vera gel, vanilla extract, St. John's Wort extract, lecigel, cetyl alcohol, green tea extract, wax apricot kernels, optiphen plus, 100% Litsea Cubeba essential oil, tocobiol C.

Spread the cream over the body with light massage movements on clean skin & enjoy the stunning candy-lemon scent of cubes & vanilla.

Well-moisturized, soft & velvety skin.


What's inside the red ribbon box? 

In the box we have prepared for you the most fresh and fragrant bombs for bath for full relaxation and restoration of strength and life energy!
Bombs for bath contain only natural ingredients. For colour we use natural clays (blue, green, yellow, pink and red).
Qualitative and correctly selected compositions of essential oils are the guarantee of health and beauty of body and spirit, so we pay special attention to them and use only high-quality essential oils.
After such bath procedures, the use of body creams is not required. Geyser for bath contains caring vegetable oils, so your skin will be so soft and moisturized.
In a set we put 4 large fragrant bomb for bath. Each bomb is packaged separately and weighs 140-150 gr.

Put the fragrant geyser into the filled bath and enjoy!

Soda, citric acid, corn starch, natural clay, wheat germ oil, 100% essential oils, dried flowers.
Gift sets are perfect for presents and it will a special gift for 14 Th February. Hurry order your set of handmade gifts to this wonderful day of all lovers.

Gift Pack is free for every set!

Daily cream with chamomile for normal skin.

A light day cream specially designed to keep your skin healthy, beautiful & fresh for as long as possible.
At the heart of the cream is rice bran oil, which is very much appreciated by asian women. This oil registers, increases the elasticity of the skin, moisturizes & softens, has antioxidant properties & also prolongs the beauty & youth of the skin.
*Mango Oil Provides stabilization of cellular respiration, protects the skin from drying out & prevents the emergence of unwanted wrinkles.
*Aloe Vera gel has a complex effect on the skin: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory & protects/heals from excessive sun.
*Fucogel is a moisturizing multi-complex plant-based product that moisturizes and tones, forms a protective film on the skin, permeable to air, the main advantage of which is its ability to provide a 1.5 times stronger moisturizing effect than other popular moisturizing ingredients.
*Provitamin B5 normalizes lipid metabolism & stimulates the oxidation-reduction process, participates in providing carbohydrate & protein metabolism.
*Vitamin E - a vitamin of youth & beauty, an antioxidant, stimulates the protective mechanisms of the skin.
*Chamomile extract - has an antiseptic effect, exerting a strengthening effect on the walls of blood vessels, an antioxidant.
*Sea-buckthorn extract possesses nutritious, anti-inflammatory, regenerating & biostimulating action, softens the skin, increases its elasticity & protects against free radicals.
This day cream with a light floral aroma will provide comfortable skin care throughout the day.

Purified water, lanol 2681, rice bran oil, fucogel, olivem 1000, glycerin, mango oil, squalane, aloe vera gel, provitamin B5, cetyl alcohol, lecigel, vitamin E, chamomile extract, sea buckthorn extract, tocobiol C, optiphen plus, 100 % essential oil of lavender, 100% essential oil of chamomile & 100% rose essential oil.

Apply evenly to the previously cleansed face, remove the cream residues with a tissue paper.

A happy & radiant skin.


What should be the perfect cream for oily skin?

Our "New" cream will regulate the work of the glands, contribute to the reduction of redness & moisturize facial skin.
With all of these tasks, the daily cream of "Chaulmugra oil" (which has been developed for needs of this skin type) is perfectly fine..
This natural cream is based on recent trends in corneotherapy.
The basis of the cream is a complex of unique "vegetable oils" & lecithin gellant.
Phospholipid Lecithin are components of cellular membranes skin, so the cream on it is particularly functional.
The texture of the cream is very light, just what you need for tired / oil skin.
"Chaulmugra oil" regulates the selection of cebuma, the normalizes of the surface of the skin, relieves irritation & Inflammation.
"Butter tam" has an extraordinary regenerative ability, high antibacterial activity, with regular use it helps fatty and mixed skin
to be cleansed of kamedonov, restores broken capillaries, strengthens the walls of the receptacles.
"Black Currant Oil" contributes to the reduction of metabolic processes, accelerates the regeneration, promotes the development of
collagen, accelerates the exchange processes & slows the appearance of ageing.
"Bisabolol" is a "natural protivovspalitel'nyy extract" derived from daisies and wood candeie, helps to remove inflammations & redness,
protect the skin from external aggression.
D-Pantenol (Vitamin B5) - normalizes lipid exchange and stimulates the redox-recovery process, participates in the provision of uglevodnogo
and protein exchanges, helps absorb other vitamins.
Allantoin is a natural kosponent provides mitigation and inflammation act.
Blend extracts gamamelisa (flowers), Ivy (shoots), Horse Chestnut (Fruit), hops (bumps), Arnica (flowers) provides inflammation , tonics action,
helps natural cleansing from toxins, restores skin elasticity.
Aloe Vera gel delivers on skin complex effects:
moisturising, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, pfotoprotective, antimicrobial.

Purified water, lecigel, squalane, aloe vera gel, d-panthenol, chaulmugra oil, black currant oil, vitamin B3, tamanu oil, bisabolol, allantoin, blend of CO2 extracts of witch hazel, ivy, horse chestnut, hops , arnica, blend of CO2 extracts of birch, pomegranate, cucumber, dandelion, 100% essential oil of lavender, tocopiol C, optiphen plus.

Spread the cream on the massage of the face, the residual means of removing the paper napkin.

Tended, beautiful and clean skin. 


Anti-Age Cream with Peptides.

Gentle as silk, this cream eliminates the dryness of the skin associated with age-related changes & awakens the natural processes of collagen & elastin synthesis, helping to rejuvenate the skin from the inside.
The emulsion is based on natural vegetable oils of Watermelon Seed, Black Currant, Hemp & Carite. Each oil is unique & has its own characteristics:
The Watermelon Seed Oil perfectly softens, moisturizes & restores the protective functions of the skin.
Blackcurrant Oil restores the elasticity & youthfulness of the skin, reduces existing wrinkles & prevents the appearance of new ines, smooths the skin's relief & improves complexion, restores the lipid barrier & protective functions of the skin, increases the production of collagen & activates metabolic processes.
Cannabis Oil restores the lipid barrier, restores the barrier function of the epidermis, strengthens the skin, makes it more elastic & dense, prevents moisture loss from the skin surface, contains natural antioxidants.
Shea Butter has the ability to slow down aging, is a natural UV filter, also softens, protects & regenerates the skin.
The cream is rich in active ingredients, which are so necessary for our skin in adulthood, among which peptides are unique substances of protein nature, capable of restoring the skin at the cellular level, triggering the natural biological processes inherent in young skin, absolutely safe in cosmetology. The viopeptide CL stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen & elastin, smooths & restores the epidermis, making it more elastic.
The complex of ceramides restores the lipid barrier of the skin, which is especially important for mature skin, it provides deep hydration & prevents dehydration of the skin.
Fucogel is a moisturizing multi-complex plant-based product that moisturizes & tones the skin, forming a protective film on the skin that is permeable to the air.
Extract of Sea Buckthorn (berry) - has a nourishing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating & biostimulating effect, softens the skin, increases its elasticity, protects against free radicals, improves the State of the fading skin of the face.
Rich cream with a velvety texture, has a pleasant delicate floral aroma.

Purified Water, Watermelon Seed Oil, Biopeptide CL, Lanolols 2681, complex of Ceramides, Olivem 1000, Fucogel, Black Currant Oil, Shea Butter, Cannabis Oil, Squalane, D-Panthenol (Provitamin B5), Cetyl Alcohol, Lecigel, Optifene Plus Extract Sea-Buckthorn (Berry), 100% Essential Oils, Tocobiol C.

Evenly apply the cream to the previously cleansed facial skin on massage lines, remove excess cream with a paper napkin. To achieve maximum effect, we recommend using this cream regularly for 3 months.

Moisturized, beautiful, more even & smooth skin 


Your hands need special skin care at any age.
At "Natural Beauty Boutique" we are endlessly testing.

We have created a natural cream "Orange and Cinnamon" that will not only take care of soft skin, but also protect it from the negative effects of the environment and household factors.
This cream is designed primarily to restore the protective barrier. The Cream is good and moisturizes, leaving a sense of comfort, perfect for daily care.
The basis of cream is a complex of the following vegetable oils:
"Macadamia Oil" restores the softness and tenderness of skin, removes irritation and peeling, protects against the effects of weather conditions, helps to prevent airing.
"Rice Oil" is a source of Vitamin E & vitamins of group B & PP, contains phosphorus, iron, Zinc, potassium, Lecithin containing a whole complex of antioxidants, protecting the skin from premature ageing.
"Coconut oil" contains saturated fatty acids that make the skin in velvet, creating a delicate protective layer, with invigorating and sunscreen.
"Black Currant Oil" is a invaluable source of irreplaceable fatty acids of Omega-6 and Omega-3. Restores the lipid barrier and protective properties of skin, speeds up cracking, abrasions and burns, reduces
the negative effects of detergents.
The Cream includes a whole complex of active components:
"Ceramide" is an important component of unsaturated fatty acids, and the natural protective barrier of skin is beginning to be violated. The Ceramide are actively restoring the lipid barrier of the external dry skin layer,
providing hydration and preventing desiccated, protecting against the effects of harmful environmental factors, allergens and toxic substances.
D-Pantenol - Vitamin Group B, stimulates skin regeneration, relieves irritation and stimulates inflammation of wounds and cuts.
Allantoin - provides, mitigation, healing action.
Co2-extract of chamomile is a antiallergenic component provides healing, bactericidal, soothing action.

Water purified, butter rice bran, lanol 2681, macadamia oil, ceramide complex , olivem 1000, oil coconut, D-Pantenol, glycerin, black currant oil, aloe vera gel, lecigel, cetyl alcohol, vitamin E, wax Apricot, allantoin, co2-Extract of chamomile, 100 % essential oil of orange, 100 % cinnamon essential oil, tokobiol C, optiphen plus.

There's a small amount of cream to put the massage on clean skin.

Beautiful, soft skin, and this result lasts for a long time.




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