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PopImpressKA Journal: Pamela Clay - Singer, Actress, Voiceover Actress

PopImpressKA Journal: Pamela Clay - Singer, Actress, Voiceover Actress

by Olga Papkovitch

February 10, 2021

Above Image: 

Herb Alpert's Vibrato - (a live show) - "Action shot" by Bob Delgaldillo


Pamela Clay is an Oklahoma-born singer-actress-songwriter and Army brat who lived many years in France and Germany, fluent in French and some German. Pamela’s award-winning career began in the musical theatre, and encompasses not only stage, but also radio, film, television and internet; working with such stars as Mel Brooks, Mandy Patinkin, and Alan Arkin along the way. Her vocal styles include jazz, R & B, pop, country, cabaret, Broadway, Edith Piaf in French and more, and Sanford Meisner called her a true character actress. Cabaret Scenes magazine called LA- based Pamela Clay “a powerhouse performer whose style crosses all genres”, late great Grammy winner Lou Rawls said she’s got one of the best voices he’d ever heard, and esteemed critic Richard Blackwell wrote of her Edith Piaf renditions: “A voice that will have you mesmerized”! Her first one-woman show was at JFK Center, first film role opposite Tommy Lee Jones, and first solo show in NY at Feinstein’s 54 Below, where she presented her acclaimed self-penned “Forever Piaf!”, in which she is “taken over” by the spirit of the French chanteuse, singing in French and sharing poignant true-life tales in an authentic French accent. In Los Angeles, Pamela’s headlined at Catalina Jazz Club, Herb Alpert’s Vibrato, Feinstein’s at Vitello’s, Wilshire-Ebell, House of Blues, the Gardenia and starred at John Anson Ford Amphitheatre in original rock musical VISIONS, and is often hired to entertain at private parties, and special events for charities such as the Thalians. Her original compositions written and recorded with her all-original New Orleans-flavored rock band, Catahoula, as well as some of her original French songs have been featured on prime-time television and feature films, and with Catahoula, she’s performed at major rock clubs in Los Angeles including Troubadour, Whisky, Roxy, Federal, Molly Malone’s, and with musical luminary Randy Newman. Pamela also sings with Unity Inspiration Ensemble gospel choir and currently resides with husband Bruce Bermudez, New Orleans-born artist-musician and Catahoula co-founder, in the magical Hollywood Hills, from whence her live shows are now broadcast via New York’s leader in virtual events,, formerly the fabled Metropolitan Room.

Above Image:

Feinstein's 54 Below - Show "Forever Piaf" - "Action shot" by Philip Romano



  1. PopImpressKA Journal: What is your favorite memory as a child?

Pamela Clay: My favorite memory as a child (oh my goodness, I’m blessed with so many!) is when I was about five years old and lived on a 276-acre estate in Princeton when Daddy was getting his PhD in International Relations, and we were sitting up in the loft of the old barn that looked out onto his wonderful organic garden, and he explained to me the concept of the Golden Rule.  I remember it like yesterday, gazing off in wonderment, knowing instinctively how more our already beautiful world would be if we all treated each other as we would wish to be treated ourselves.  I still dream of that possibility!

  1. PJ: Who gave you a start in your career professionally and as a personality?

PC: There are so many people to thank!  As a singer, I must thank Skip E Lowe, who staunchly believed in me and encouraged me to “get out there, Mary!”, and introduced me to so many people, such as my longtime musical director, and dear friend, David Moscoe, and many of my sweet friends, fans and colleagues.   As an actress, I must thank Sanford Meisner, who also fiercely believed in me, and with whom I studied on the island of Bequia in the Caribbean (a life-changing experience!).  He said 99% of actors are personalities, meaning they are cast to basically portray themselves, but that I happen to be in that fortunate 1% of true character actors.   Both of these wonderful men have since passed into the Light, but I know they are with me and encouraging me yet still from Heaven.

  1. PJ: What success means to you?

PC: Success means being able to do what you want when you want to, to own your time and your own life.

  1. PJ: What happiness means to you?

PC: For me, happiness is when I can feel my heart singing!

  1. PJ: What would you advise to young artists starting their career?

PC: I would advise young artists to follow their bliss, follow their passion, speak their truth, trust that the Universe is supporting them at every step of the way, and to enjoy the journey, not the destination.

Above: Rock Star - Photographer:  Tom Radcliffe

  1. PJ: What projects you have in your future lined up?

PC: Right now, my big project is the show I have coming up this Sat, Feb 13th, from 7-8pm PST, “My Special Valentine”, through NY’s platform.  It’s my “singing celebration of love and romance”, and I’ll be singing a “potpourri” of great love songs, including originals performed with my wildly-talented artist-musician husband, Bruce Bermudez. 

Above Image: Promo Photography by Maria Lindvall

7.  Feinstein's 54 Below - My show "Forever Piaf" - "Action shot" by Philip Romano
8,  Herb Alpert's Vibrato - (a live show as well) - "Action shot" by Bob Delgaldillo
9.  Self-Tape shot - by me!

PJ: Could you please elaborate on this special event?

PC: “My Special Valentine” is my one-hour musical celebration of love and romance that will be presented by Metropolitan Zoom in New York City, and that anyone anywhere in the world can safely “attend” from home!  As I always say, “I’ve got a lot of people living inside me of me and they all want to sing!”, and I’ll be singing jazz to country to rock to Broadway to Edith Piaf songs in French and more, by wonderful singers like Janis Joplin, Judy Garland, Aretha Franklin!  I’ll be singing LIVE from the magical Hollywood Hills to brilliantly mastered tracks by masterful David Moscoe at the piano and Lindsay Gillis on lead guitar, whom Catahoula calls “The Emperor”, and my wildly-talented artist-husband, Bruce Bermudez ( ) will join me LIVE on some exciting Catahoula originals ( ).  The show will be performed LIVE on Saturday, February 13th, 2021 from 7-8pm PST, and all attendees need a “ticket to fly”.  Please click here for tickets and more information: .  I believe love is a verb, that love is alive and “contagious”, and that music is a wonderful way to “lift our hearts together”!  Fingers crossed I’ll “see you in the cloud” and wishing everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day!

Other projects include writing my book about my life, writing and recording songs, creating and performing more LIVE shows, and finally, starting our organic garden here at home!

Above photography: Maria Lindvall

  1.  PJ: How live performance and recording performance of your music could reflect on people ?

PC: I’m so grateful that I’ve heard so often how I help to “lift people up” and actually heal them (oh my goodness!!!) with my voice.  To me, that is such a gift!  I am sooo happy to spread joy into every heart!!!

  1. PJ: Who are your inspirations in the world music and the history of music?

PC: Oh my goodness, there are so many!  Here are a few:  Beethoven, Elvis, Janis Joplin, Bobby Darin, Judy Garland, Edith Piaf

  1. PJ: What do you think is the most important qualities an artist could have?

PC: The ability to express ones’ heart and spirit truthfully and powerfully.

  1. PJ: What arena you would like to perform at and you did not get a chance yet and why?

PC: I dream of performing at Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, and the Olympia in Paris! 

Above photography: Maria Lindvall


  1. PJ: What is your favorite travel destination? Favorite cuisine? Time of the year? Holiday?

PC: Big Sur, California.  My favorite cuisine is my own, I’m a great organic cook!  I love the Spring!  My favorite holiday is Easter!!!

  1. PJ: What are your three wishes?

PC: My three wishes:

  1. That my husband gets stem cell treatment to help heal his lower back
  2. That my husband and I go to Paris and Peru together
  3. To have a “bigger platform” to help “lift others up where they belong”!

For more Information:

IMDB page:

IG:  @pamelaclayentertainer
Twitter:  #treeangel
show tickets + info link:  

Pamela's husband's website:  


Above photography: Maria Lindvall



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