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PopImpressKA Journal: Ylan Anoufa / Contemporary French Artist - “Everyone Is Falling In Love With AnoufaBears"

PopImpressKA Journal: Ylan Anoufa / Contemporary French Artist - “Everyone Is Falling In Love With AnoufaBears"

The contemporary visual pop-art French artist, in constant evolution, born in 1980. Known for iconic AnoufaBear metal sculptures covered with outstanding and unique graffiti layers, placed all over the world (Paris, Hong Kong, Macau, St Tropez, Courchevel, Miami, Ibiza, Beverly Hills, Warsaw). 


Anoufa´s art pieces are modern, humorous, and thought provoking - yet always with a positive message at its center. Over the past few years he has been combining his stylistic work with his passion of painting and sculpture, with his graphic showing his poetic inspirations. Ylan pay particular attention to color, harmony, space and form - elements that make his art vibrant, intense and visually striking.

He has recently started a series of collaborations with world-class artists such as Lenny Kravitz or the Rolling Stones, as well as lending his iconic bear to promote commercial brands such as Porsche or Barbie, and sporting events such as the ATP Master 1000 in Monte-Carlo. 

His lifestyle becomes an art. He is often participating with charities trying to recreate the harsh present and turning it into visual poetry. Always insisting to do what you love and presents his art to the world - “Be Yourself” at any time!

Exclusive Interview: 

1. PopImpressKA Journal: How did you grow up? What are the most valuable lessons your parents taught you?

Ylan Anoufa: I had a difficult childhood, first i was living with my parents, then in an orphanage and then with my grand-parents. It was chaotic and stressfull.

I started to work when I was 16 years old, I didn't go to college.  This kind of childhood taught me to believe in myself. I guess this is the kind of lesson I got thanks to my parents and I am grateful for. Today we are good friends, they have my support and I have theirs.

2. PJ: AnoufaBear is your special project.  From all the animals out there you picked a bear! Why and what is so special about your connection to this animal? 

YA: I grew up with my teddy bear, it was my first gift, my close friend, my protector.  I trust the bear because he was always next to me, he never let me go. It was this kind of unconditional love between the teddy bear and myself. As I grew older I realized that the bear is one of  the strongest animals in the world. I feel safe and peaceful next to him.


PJ: What is your purpose in life and what is the purpose for AnoufaBear?

YA: My dream is to change the world with love and to make people believe in themselves. I wish to bring something significant to this world, something positive. If you read the writing on the bear they are like short happy mantras.  They are there to remind people the essence of life that we may have forgotten while growing up.


3. PJ: What inspired you to start your own Art Gang Foundation? What is behind that name?

YA: I launched my own foundation, because I wanted to educate children through art. I think that for anyone, art is therapy.  Art Gang Foundation organizes art workshops for children in hospitals, schools and orphanages.  During our workshops, children paint small bear sculptures made of clay.  First they learn how to mix colors, make a drawing of what their bear will look like. Then finally they paint their small bear. Children learn the process of being an artist. For one day, they feel like me. They believe in themselves, they learn how to make something special out of nothing. They usually give a name to their sculpture like I do.  They draw their dreams on the bear, it’s an emotional process that helps them in many ways. In the Art Gang Foundation we have many teachers/artists. We are there to assist the kids in this process. Every child after the workshop takes their sculpture home.  Art Gang Foundation is a gang of people sharing the same goal in life, which is educating children through art.


4. PJ: When you were a child what was your first art project?

YA: When I was little, my first art project was painting my dream car.


5. PJ: Who was your teacher that influenced your educational development?

YA: My grandfather Bourak Anoufa taught me fashion and the art of creation, the process, from the concept to the actual product. He taught me about space, how to cut, saw and draw. I didn’t have an art teacher. If I would have to say that someone influenced me in art, it was Andy Worhol, the master of the pop art culture generation


6. PJ: What are your best qualities? What qualities you think you would like to improve?

YA: I guess I have a lot of empathy and I definitely need to improve my patience. I love to have things immediately. When I create, I go sometimes too fast, I want to see the result asap. Here is a perfect example; if you dont wait till your piece of art dries and you paint on the still wet paint it, you will ruin your work.  I am gultiy of doing that sometimes.


7. PJ: What was your best day?
YA: When I started to believe in myself.

8. PJ: What do you consider a miracle in your life?YA: 
Becoming a father.

9. PJ: When you stand in-front of our Creator what would you like to ask him?

YA: Was it fun to look at us from up there and more seriously, why did you create sadness?

10. PJ: From all the people in the world out there who would you like to meet and have a dinner with?

YA: Silvester Stalone! I love this actor and his mantra from Rocky.

11. PJ: What is your favorite time of the year? Cuisine? Country you would like to live in? Book? Movie?

YA: I love spring,  as all the flowers bloom with so many those beautiful colors.  I love Japanese cuisine, I eat veggies and fish.   I would love to live in the USA, country of freedom, opportunity and diversity.  As for the book, “The Voice of the Sea.”  As for the movie, “Itineraire d’un Enfant Gate” with Belmondo.


12. PJ: What country that missing a bear would you like to visit and place the an AnoufaBear Sculpture?

YA: There is no Anoufabear in Japan and it’s been a while,  since I have been there.

 13. PopImpressKA Journal:

What are your three wishes?

Ylan Anoufa: 
1. Unite people with my bears
2. To be a good father to my kids
3. To travel to space








PopImpressKA Journal: “ At times we feel trapped within our hard childhood and lots of obstacles we are to go and learn through during a course of our life!!! It is up to our Human Soul to conquer obstacles learn how to be kind and treat people the way Creator treats each of His Devine beloved children!!
This story of Ylan Anoufa is a story of a great warrior with a large Bear Heart who loves this planet Earrh he is living on and who creates and gives back,, who shares his talents and gives hope and a new beginning to many of those who are still searching themselves….” - PopImpressKA


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