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Linda Silano is a SpokesModel Behind The Campaign Rise and Caravan Of Hope (Awareness Of The Rare Bone Disease)

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February 21, 2013

[gallery] Linda Silano recently was a guest on The Nate Berkus Show to speak and bring awareness to a rare and incurable disorder, McCune Albright Syndrome. McCune Albright Syndrome is a genetic disease of the bones (Fibrous Dysplasia), skin pigmentation and hormaonal problems along with precocious puberty. McCune Albright Syndrome is not inherited and is caused by a random mutation in GNAS gene which occurs early in developement. As a result of the mutation some of the body's cells have a normal version while other cells have a mutated version. This process is known as mosaicism. The severity of this disorder and its features depends on the number of cells that contain this mutated gene. This rare condition can cause abnormalities in the developement of the bones in areas in the skull, arms, and legs where scar tissue generates in place of normal bone. Often Fibrous Dysplasia causes bone pain and deformities. Treatment focus on making life more bearable for patients since it is an incurable disorder. Linda is a brave woman who has used this experience to inspire others. She is strong, courageous, and has the ability to survive obstacles. Beautiful and smart, a role model, giving others with similar disabilities hope that they can make something productive of their lives and not feeling entrapped by this physical challenge. During my interview, I found Linda to be a beautiful young lady whose ability to encourage people via her brightness of a warm heart and bravery, sharing her story of overcoming daily obstacles that we so easily take for granted, a true inspiration.. Look Out for an Amazing New Interview with Linda Silano in Our Second Spring/Summer Glamour Edition of PopImpressKA Journal PopImpressKA Journal Rise and Caravan Of Hope Campaign Photo shoot was an amazing Collaboration Of Creative Talented People: PopImpressKA Journal Rise and Hope Caravan Campaign with Linda Silano as the inspiration behind the cause ( awareness to a rare born disease), Please Follow Linda: with Christian Ruart, Chris Carrion amazing photography and beautiful make up by Emily E. Gumina, couture by Leamono Couture by Patience Dabany, Please Follow Leamono Couture and Leonard Fashion design, PopImpressKA Journal Rise and Hope Caravan Campaign wants to say thank you to Christian Ruart/ Please Follow Christian: Christian Ruart Group, Emily Gumina for amazing hair and make up, Chris Christine Carrion for an incredible beautiful photography, Jewerly and Art Wardrobe By PopImpressKA Collection Rocco Silano for providing a gorgeous space for the photoshoot, JC Stang 50Miles2Frequency for a great Support with the Campaign and Most of All to a very Special Beautiful Girl which is the inspiration to all Of Us Linda Silano for her incredible leadership and bravery and inspiration for us all behind the cause (awareness to a rare bone disease). Wonderful work everybody, thank you all so very much for an incredible job we'll done — with Christine Carrion, Linda Silano, Emily Gumina and Christian Ruart.

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