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PopImpressKA Journal " Dr. Noema Chaplin - Women Economic Empowerment"

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March 28, 2013

[gallery]PopImpressKA Journal would like to address the situation stated by: Dr. Noema Chaplin President International Federation “Collaboration” Executive Committee Member UN Foundation/UNA-USA’s Council of Organizations CEO Military Medical Academy,Education & Psychology,10 years Designer Engineer Political & Economic Scientist By stating this article, PopImpressKA Journal is in no way affiliated regarding the law suit surrounding this events. Dr. Noema Chaplin: "WOMEN ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT IS CRITICAL [gallery] Dr. Moema Champlin PHOTO ALBUM: DR. NOEMA CHAPLIN with DEPUTY UN SECRETARY IAN ELLISON DR. NOEMA CHAPLIN and MICHELLE BACHELET, UN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR DR. NOEMA CHAPLIN with IRINA BOKOVA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR UNESCO 12.12.12 Michelle - UN Women Executive Director 12.12.12 AMBASSADOR of RUSSIAN FEDERATION with UN VIP DR. NOEMA CHAPLIN with MAYOR NEW YORK MICHAEL BLOOMBERG DR. NOEMA CHAPLIN with PRESIDENT ROTARY INTERNATIONAL DR. NOEMA CHAPLIN with AMBASSADOR and CANADIAN DELEGATIONST. PATRICS DAY 2013 UN EVENT 3 The foundations of our global economy have been shaken by a financial collapse that has shown us all how interconnected and interdependent our world has become. The Economic crisis has reached far and wide, penetrating almost every sector of our international community. Interdependence poses great challenges for our world and compounds the difficulties we face in trying to make a better place. As a result of the current economic climate we can focusing our time, talents and dedication on discovering innovative mechanisms for raising funds for development, strengthening communities, economies and our shared future. There are limits to what can be achieved by government and the private sector alone. UN Women, ILO supports UN Member States as they set standards for achieving gender equality and works with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, programs and services needed to implement these standards. It stands behind women equal participation in all aspects of life, focusing on: increasing women’s leadership and participation, ending violence against women, enhancing women’s economic empowerment and making gender equality central to national development planning and budgeting. Women Economic empowerment is critical in United States. “Violence against Women” cast over $$$6 Billion for Economy per year. “Penny” going on to Survivors. Where is GAP? Government institutions could be more transparency and accountability for services they offer. Here is few Facts of Scientific Research with UN Agencies - “Practical Assistance to Survivors of Domestic Violence & Fraud” in New York State. New York City Agencies provide immediate assistance and safety for Women in critical situation. After short 1-3 months training women can get different paid positions or access to create own business . Migrants and native Americans have no access to Justice to get benefits of the Rule of Law in New York State /Westchester county/. There is a GAP between Law and implementation, no “legislation for Domestic Violence”. - Well educated woman from Sweden can’t get fair settlement through divorce over than 10 years; - American Lawyer Linda M. became disable by bitten her husband without any compensation; - American woman with 5 kids became homeless after being housewife in financial secure family, etc. Survivors of Domestic Violence, Economic abuse and Fraud, from New York City obligated work for Westchester Department of Labor for “penny” over 4 years - 3,500 hours. Empty promises. Unpaid jobs, Forced Labor – Human Rights violence. Unhealthy environment for living, unsafe workplace. Women can get appropriate serious compensation for the damage. Westchester Department of Labor staff spent more money for own salaries with a “poverty value” services for customers. Educated Americans lost well paid positions, Executives, IT Specialists, Real Estate Developers, Teachers/due economic crisis and trained switch to “low income jobs” like “medical assistance” without any practical experience, which is equal poverty. At the same time pt consulting engineer in small village got $$$319,000 per years without any accountability. Media can play significant role to attract attention for violence against women and hidden exploitation by Department of Labor. There is still so much work to be done. By financing development, we invest in the Future of the world. " Dr. Noema Chaplin: "Short information HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION: FORCED LABOR, UNPAID JOB. Contact with ILO. OHCHR. I worked for Westchester and NYC government, p/t, over 3,500 hours. Empty promises. Damage $$$2 Billion Problem with Westchester government - corruption and no advocate who monitor government. $$$67 Billion spent to "create low income" jobs". Dr. Noema Chaplin/Biruleva President International Federation "Collaboration" CEO Military Medical Academy,Psychology & Education,10 years "DAMAGE FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITY, INTERNATIONAL FAMILY" start from $$$2 Billion. Educated White Americans dropped to entry position and asked me advocate for them. Protect Human Security and Dignity, Create Public Health. Human Rights Violation and Discrimination: 1. Race 2. Gender inequality Estimation damage: from $$$ 2 Billion /National or International/ Forced "volunteer" labor for 4 years: NYS AND NYS Westchester Department of Labor: over 3,360 hours. Unpaid job: No ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY. Example: P/T consulting Engineer in small village - $319,000 per year without accountability. Contact with Federal Government /Washington DC/ in April 2012 about unpaid job. No practical result. Signed Time sheets and additional papers as Record /42 + 168pages. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP: INFRAGARD INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY, BUSINESS CLUB VIP, KNIGHTS OF JUSTICE, EXPERTS COUNCIL, FORBES LEADERSHIP, HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL EXECUTIVE EDUCATION, MILITARY NETWORK, BUSINESS COACH, LEADERSHIP NETWORK, MEDIA PROFESSIONAL WORLDWIDE, etc. Executive Committee Member UNA-USA’s COO /Program of UN Foundation". Dr. Noema Chaplin, PhD Infragard Member Executive Committee Member UN Foundation/UNA-USA's Council of Organization CEO Military Medical Academy /Education and Psychology/ 10 years President International Federation "Collaboration" Political and Economic Scientist" Dr. NOEMA CHAPLIN, PhD Dr.Noema Chaplin is Political and Economic Scientist. Sr. Marketing Advisor. Designer Engineer. Prof. Noema Chaplin have been invited as an INTERNATIONAL VIP to the USA since 1994. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP: INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY, BUSINESS CLUB VIP, KNIGHTS OF JUSTICE, EXPERTS COUNCIL, THE WAY IS THE FUTURE, FORBES LEADERSHIP, HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL EXECUTIVE EDUCATION, MILITARY NETWORK, BUSINESS COACH, LEADERSHIP NETWORK, MEDIA PROFESSIONAL WORLDWIDE, ETC. Currently is President International Federation “Collaboration”, an Executive Committee Member of UN Foundation/UNA-USA’s Council of Organizations. Worldwide recognition with over than 10 years experience on International Arena and United Nations. Dr.Chaplin participated more than 250 High Level Events. Create Senior Level partnership “LEADERSHIP through EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION” with Global Leaders and Media to transform Knowledge and Strategies to Perform for Prosperity. Member of the Planning Committee for 2004-2008 Annual DPI/NGOs conferences/Media, Workshops/. Published Scientific analysis: “Climate change: How it impact US ALL”, “60 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, "Violence against Women as Universal Phenomena", “Financial and Economic Crisis and it’s impact for Development”, “Control Population by Manufacturing Mental Disorder?” “Perspective for Peace and Development”, “The Global Partnership for achieving the Millennium Development Goals”. As the President of International ederation “Collaboration” /Founder – International Informatization Academy/ manage activity for Science & Technology, Environment, Global Health, Business, Art. Work close with Missions, Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, International Academy, Eurasia Foundation, The Prince of Wale’s Corporate Leaders, Fund “Know-How”, ABA, Dr. Suresh Bhamre (Commissioner), Zonta International (Jackie Shapiro), Business Professional women, Rotary International, East Manhattan Chamber of Commerce /Nancy Plouger/, LIONS International /Al Brandel/, etc. Dr.Chaplin has a 10 years experience as CEO of the Military Medical Academy (Department of Education and Psychology ), Regional Director for Germany insurance company, USAID Leadership program, European Bank for Development /Board Governors/, Department of Labor /USA, Unemployment Analyst/. Russian/American Citizen. Education: New York University (Management and Marketing); State University of New York (Political Science and Economics); PACE University (Real Estate ), UNIVERSITY of TELECOMMUNICATION (MS, Designer Engineer). Fluently: English, Russian. Professional Courses: International Affairs, International Law, Investment, HR Management. Dr. Noema Chaplin President International Federation “Collaboration” Executive Committee Member UN Foundation/UNA-USA’s Council of Organizations CEO Military Medical Academy, Education & Psychology, 10 years Designer Engineer Political & Economic Scientist E-Mail:, New York, 2013

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