PopImpressKA Journal: To Order a hard Copy Book table coffee book please e-mail: popimpresska@gmail.com

PopImpressKA Journal Volume IV International Issue NEW To order a hard copy of PopImpressKA Journal please e-mail: popimpresska@gmail.com for details http://popimpresskajournal.org/products-page/ To Order This New E-Book Issue go to a store section of the web site: www.popimpresskajournal.org/products-page To Order a hard Copy Book table coffee book VolumeIVpages.17inddplease e-mail: popimpresska@gmail.com Dear World we would like to share an amazing Journal with you. You will be able to read incredible KALEIDOSCOPE of Unique stories from people all over the world with so many incredible experiences and Inspirations, stories that will inspire you to create and Live in a very good and special world where you will be able to be inspired and Loved and appreciated. Thank you to our special Team that makes so much effort and have so much inspiration and drive: Thank you for limitless contributions from: Chris Carrion, Alla Papkovich, Jared Chayut, David Karges, Brenna Smith, Benjamin Rutella, Stacey A. Meyer, Countess T. Bobrinskoy, GDOOSJ, Sergej Orups, Eugene Charkov, Emilio Rosa, Lee Earnest, Rachael McMillan, Mark McMillan, Pi Phd, Anna Camara, Brooke and Arden and Ashley and Aubrey Earnest, Ann Marie Calandrino, Nora Schweihs, Anastasia Wiseman Say Ft., Silvia Zonana. Thank you to our special COVER story AMANDA Esposito Incredible Designer of ESPOSITO Collection, her incredible models/ Aqua Model Management: Stephanie Damiano, Jessica Markowski, Jennifer Castellanos, Adrienne Dzema, Brendan Amaruso, David Charles, Bryan Feiss, Joseph Marvullo, also Models: Liv Blankenship and Jonathan Davis, Amanda is one of the most inspiring human beings and incredibly talented International Fashion designer, Cover photography is incredibly stunning by Isadora Bravo, also thank you to Karla Serrano, Elena Mazza, Bridgit Henrietta O'Brien, EricAndrew NYC Socialite, Shun Yun Performing Group, Joan Marie Classics, Clothing Boutique By Brianna, Shantelle Alweiss, Ralph Alweiss, Lu Celania Sierra and her PR manager Michele, Augustus Mithal, Ksenia Mergourieva, Tony, Randy D'orio and his aunt Kathleen, Mahealani, Sarah Sparkle, Gradie, Jean Mark, Wells,

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