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Art Couture

PopImpressKA’s newest collection is inspired by famous paintings.

Designer Olga Papkovitch’s latest line for her brand PopImpressKA is full of life and color. The vibrant collection features ultra-feminine dresses and skirts that act as a canvas for artwork. Each piece is made from fabric reminiscent of famous artists such as van Gogh’s sunflower paintings or Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe prints.

The creative clothes are accessorized with floppy sun hats, classic pearls, and glamorous bags. The overall look is an eclectic and feminine mix between old-Hollywood glamour and pop-art.

 See the stunning skirts and dresses below.



Notation: All painting on Silk and Various Fabrics are the original copyrighted art paintings (Oil On Canvas) by artist Olga Papkovitch from her original Tradmarked PopImpressKA Art Collection

Olga Puts her art pieces on a various fabrics in a form of a quilt and create her own fabrics for her own designs.



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