News from Kupang - Indonesia Februari 26,2018

"Dear Mrs. Olga,
...Thank you very very much for my interview as Raja Kupang in your beautiful magazine.
The interview is very interessant, up to date, with beautiful photos from our family.
Honestly speaking your magazine is excellent and elite with good articles.
I am proud to be publish in your magazine and I show it to everybody at my palace.
Also my thousand thanks to Ms. Karen Cantrell and Mr. Chris Chambers for what they have done for us in Timor - Indonesia. 
You all are great and last but not least I love the photos of Marylin Monroe.
God bless you, I pray for you all in America.
With warm regards,
Leo Nisnoni and family."
ABOVE: Story from XII Edition of PopImpressKA Journal "Art & Royalty"

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